Past Years' Winners Winners
PLDI 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Swarnendu Biswas, Ohio State University
"Low Overhead Region Conflict Detection"

Second Place: Jake Roemer, Ohio State University
"Effective Scheduling for Adversarial Memory"

Third Place: Adarsh Yoga, Rutgers University
"Precise Detection of Atomicity Violations in Structured Parallel Programs"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Jeevana Inala, MIT
"Type Assisted Synthesis of Programs with Algebraic Data types"

Second Place: Alex Reinking, Yale University
"A type-directed approach to program repair"

Third Place: Jack Feser, Rice University
"Unification and Partial Eval. For Component-Based Synthesis"

ICSE 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Mario Linares-Vasquez, The College of William and Mary
"Enabling Testing of Android Apps"

Second Place: Javier Ricardo Escobar-Avila, Florida State University
"Automatic Categorization of Software Libraries Using Bytecode"

Third Place: Fabio Palomba, University of Salerno, Italy
"Textual Analysis for Code Smell Detection"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Caroline Lemieux, University of British Columbia, Canada
"Mining Temporal Properties of Data Invariants"

Second Place: Pascal Roos, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
"Fast and Precise Statistical Code Completion"

MobileSoft 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Maria Gomez, Inria Lille Nord Europe
"Debugging of Mobile Apps in the Wild Guided by the Wisdom of Crowds"

Second Place: Zheng Song, Virginia Tech
"Programming Support for Seamless Resource Sharing across Heterogeneous"

Third Place: Felix Javier Acero Salazar, Politecnico di Milano
"Bridging the Gap Between the Platform Independent Models of Mobile Applications and Native MVC Code"

CHI 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Yongsung Kim, Northwestern University
"Libero: On-the-go Crowdsourcing for Package Delivery"

Second Place: Ahreum Lee, Hanyang University
"Challenges for Wearable Computers: Understanding of the meaning behind photo taking"

Third Place: Kirsten Alisa Smith, University of Aberdeen
"Digital Flower: Assessing the Supportiveness of Gift Emoticons in Care Scenarios"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Pedro Kirk, Goldsmiths College
"Can Specialized Electronic Musical Instruments Aid Stroke Rehabilitation?"

Second Place: Anji Ren, MIT
"Pull-to-Refresh and Learn: Leveraging Mobile Email Load Time for Education"

Third Place: Zachary T. Allen, Northwestern University
"GAZE: Using Mobile Devices to Promote Discovery and Data Collection"

SAC 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Joerg Schloetterer, University of Passau
"From Context to Query"

Second Place: Swapnajit Chakraborti, Indian Institute of Management Indore
"Multi-Document Text Summarization for Competitor Intelligence: A Methodology Based on Topic Identification and Artificial Bee Colony Optimization"

Third Place: Murad Khan, Kyungpook National University
"Multi-Criteria Based Vertical Handover Decision in Heterogeneous Wireless Network"

ASPLOS 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Gennady Pechimenko, Carnegie Mellon University
"Energy-Efficient Data Compression for GPU Memory Systems"

Second Place: Charlie Curtsinger, UMass, Amherst
"Causal Profiling:Finding Optimizations that Count"

Third Place: Ali Javadiabhari, Princeton University
"Fine- Grain, Compile-time Optimizations of Communication Bandwiths in a Tiled Quantum Architecture"

Modularity 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Thomas Degueule, IRISA - INRIA
"Towards Language Interfaces for DSLs Integration"

Second Place: Arik Hadas, Open University of Israel
"A Language Workbench for Creating Production-Ready Extensions to AspectJ"

Third Place: Leonardo Passos, University of Waterloo
"Uncovering the Practice of Feature Scattering"

Honorable Mention: Bahram Zarrin, Technical University of Denmark
"Towards Separation of Concerns in Scientific Workflows"

SICCSE 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: David Weintrop, Northwestern University
"Minding the Gap Between Blocks-Based and Text-Based Programming"

Second Place: Hannah Blau, University of Massachusetts
" FrenchPress Gives Students Automated Feedback on Java Program Flaws"

Third Place: Austin Bart, Virginia Tech
"Situating Computational Thinking with BigData: Pedagogy and Technology"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Thomas Effland, SUNY, University of Buffalo
"Focused Retrieval of University Course Descriptions from Highly Variable Sources"

Second Place: Matt Bowen, University of Alabama
"Mobile Velocity Estimation - MoVVE"

Third Place: Lindsey Press, Villanova University
"Selection in 3D Graphics Environments"

CGO 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: William Ogilvie, University of Edinburgh
"Intelligent Heuristic Construction with Active Learning"

Second Place: Niranjan Hasabnis, Stony Brook University
"Employing Code Generators as De-code Generators: A Novel Approach for Assembly to IR Translation"

Third Place: Riyadh Baghdadi, KU Leuven
"Extending the Scope of Polyhedral Compilation: Progresses in Handling Irregular Codes and in Scalability"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Tharindu Rusira, University of Moratuwa
"Auto-tuning the HotSpot JVM"

POPL 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ezgi Cicek, Max Planck Institut
"Refinement Types for Incremental Computational Complexity"

Second Place: Siddharth Krishna, New York University
"Learning Linear Invariants using Decision Trees"

Third Place: Marko Doko, Max Planck Institut
"FSL: A Logic for Reasoning about Memory Fences"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Anjjan Narayan, NMAM Institute Of Technology
"Crystal Gomes and Rithesh Prabhu String Sorting on the GPU using Hybrid Algorithms"

FSE 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Lu Xiao, Drexel University
"Detecting and Preventing the Architectural Roots of Bugs"

Second Place: Xin Yang, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
"Social Network Analysis in Open Source Software Peer Review"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Shuo Song, Nanjing University
"Estimating the Effectiveness of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization"

SC 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Amanda Bienz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Reducing Network Contention Associated with Parallel Algebraic Mulitgrid"

Second Place: Gagan Gupta, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Scalable Fault Tolerance in Multiprocessor Systems"

Third Place: Arif Khan, Purdue University
"Computing Approximate b-Matchings in Large Graphs and an Application to k-Anonymity"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Sean McDaniel, University of Delaware
"Comparing Decoupled I/O Kernels versus Real Traces in the I/O Analysis
of the HACC Scientific Applications on Large-Scale Systems"

Second Place: Dylan Wang, University of California, Davis
"Performance Variability due to Job Placement on Edison"

Third Place: Ian Bertolacci, Colorado State University
"Orthogonal Scheduling of Stencil Computations with Chapel Iterators"

ICCAD 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Shupeng Sun, Carnegie Mellon University
"Fast Statistical Analysis of Rare Circuit Failure Events in High-Dimensional Variation Space"

Second Place: Ping Chi, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Facilitating PCRAM and STT-RAM as Next-Generation Memories: Architecture- and Application-Level Perspectives"

Third Place: Third Place: Wujie Wen, University of Pittsburgh
"Error Characterization and Correction Techniques for Reliable STT-RAM Designs"

ASSETS 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Benjamin Gorman, University of Dundee
"VisAural: a wearable sound localization device"

Second Place: Vikas Ashok, Stony Brook University
"Capti-Speak: A Speech Enabled Accessible Web Interface"

Third Place: Valentyn Melnyk, Stony Brook University
"Accessible Web Chat Interface"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Mitchell Gordon, University of Rochester
"Web Accessibility Evaluation with the Crowd"

Second Place: Nata Barbosa, Syracuse University
"Strategies an Inclusive Authentication Framework"

SPLASH 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Martin Velez, University of California, Davis
"A Study of "Wheat" and "Chaff" in Source Code"

Second Place: Devin Coughlin, University of Colorado, Boulder
"Analysis with Type-Intertwined Separation Logic"

Third Place: Pascal Wittmann, TU Darmstadt
"A Language for the Specification and Efficient Implementation of Type Systems"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Santiago Gonzalez, Colorado School of Mines
"Improved Program Synthesis Through the Use of Packages"

Second Place: Dylan Bates, Coker College
"Recommending More Efficient Workflows to Software Developers"

Third Place: Brett Boston, University of Washington
"Quality Types for Approximate Programming"

Grace Hopper 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Snigdha Chaturvedi, University of Maryland
"Instructor's Intervention in MOOC forums"

Second Place: Komal Kapoor, University of Minnesota
"A Model for Satiation with Familiar Content and its Application to Recommendation"

Third Place: Larissa Suzuki, University College London
"A linked data platform ecosystem for the realization of smart and sustainable cities"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Shannon N. Lubetich, Pomona College
"Eve Eat Dust Mop: Measuring Syntactic Development in Child Language with
Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning"

Second Place: Emma Harrington, Williams College
"Using Escape Analysis in Dynamic Data Race Detection"

Third Place: Adedayo Oluokun, Obafemi Awolowo University
"Development of a Text-to-Speech Synthesis System For Yoruba Language"

MODELS 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Jonathan Corley, The University of Alabama
"Exploring Omniscient Debugging for Model Transformations"

Second Place: Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Charles University
"Model-Driven Design of Ensemble-Based Component Systems"

Third Place: Adrian Juan-Verdejo, University of Stuttgart
"Model-Driven Engineering Meets the Platform-as-a-Service Model"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Jianan Yue, Nanjing University
"Transition from EBNF to Xtext"

Second Place: Jesus Benede, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
"Towards the Automatic Resolution of Architectural Variability in Software
Product Line Architectures through Model Transformations"

MobiCom 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Omid Abari, MIT
"Clock Synchronization for Distributed Wireless Protocols at the Physical Layer"

Second Place: Robert LiKamWa, Xi'an Jiaotong University of China
"Retrofitting Computer Vision Libraries for Concurrent Support on Mobile Devices"

Third Place: Tianxing Li, Dartmouth College
"Hiding Bits in Pixel Translucency Changes"

ICFP 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tomas Petricek, University of Cambridge
"F# Data: Making structured data first-class citizens"

Second Place: Ruud Koot, Utrecht University
"Higher-Ranked Exception Types"

Third Place: Alejandro Serrano, Utrecht University
"Branching, disjointness and injectivity for OUTSIDEIN(X)""

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Sherry Shanshan Ruan, McGill University
"Structural Recursion over Contextual Objects"

Second Place: Jonathan Brachthauser, University of Marburg
"Typesafe Extensible Functional Objects"

Third Place: Hamidhasan Ahmed, University of Pennsylvania
"Explicit Type Application"

PACT 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Harshvardhan, University of Texas A&M
"Processing Big Data Graphs on Memory-Restricted Systems"

Second Place: Jeeva Paudel, University of Alberta
"Stratified Sampling for Even Workload Partitioning"

Third Place:Sudharsan J, IIT - Madras
"Data Remapping for an Energy Efficient Burst Chop in DRAM Memory Systems"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Serguei Makarov, University of Toronto
"An Event-Based Language for Dynamic Binary Translation Frameworks"

Second Place: Tejaswi Agarwal, University of Missouri-Columbia
"Design fo a hybrid MPI-CUDA benchmark suite for CPU-GPU clusters"

SIGCOMM 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: John Rula, Northwestern University
"Behind the Curtain: The importance of replica selection in next generation cellular networks"

Second Place: Arash Molavi, Northeastern University
"Identifying Traffic Differentiation on Cellular Data Networks"

Third Place:Sajad Shirali-Shahreza, University of Toronto
"Traffic Statistic Collection with FleXam"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Angela Jiang, Northwestern University
"A cliq of content curators"

Second Place: Yuliang LI, Tsinghua University
"FlowInsight: Decoupling Visibility from Operability in SDN Data Plane"

SIGGRAPH 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: C. Antonio Sanchez, University of British Columbia
"PolyMerge: a fast finite-element-based approach for hex-dominant mesh generation"

Second Place: Andrew Ho, University of British Columbia
"3D Dynamic Visualization of Swallowing from Multi-Slice Computed Tomography"

Third Place:George Koulieris, Technical University of Crete
"C-LOD: Context-aware Material Level-of-Detail for Mobile Graphics"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Xi Chen, University of New South Wales
"PDSS - Pre-Integrated Deferred Subsurface Scattering"

Second Place:Or Avrahamy, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
"From Pain to Happiness: interpolating meaningful gait patterns"

Third Place:Hisatka Suzuki, Kanagawa Institute of Technology
"ExPixel: PixelShader for Multiplex image hiding on consumer 3D flat"

PLDI 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Emma Tosch, University of Massachusetts
"Programming and Debugging Surveys"

Second Place: Veselin Raychev, ETH Zurich
"Probabilistic Name and Type Inference"

Third Place:Khan Nguyen, University of California, Irvine
"FACADE: A Compiler and Runtime for (Almost) Object-Bounded Big Data Applications"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Matthew Loring, Cornell University
"Generics in Jif"

ICSE 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Alexander Tarvo, Brown University
"Automatic performance modeling of multithreaded programs"

Second Place: Abhishek Bichhawat, Saarland University
"Exception handling for dynamic information flow control"

Third Place:Asankhaya Sharma, National University of Singapore
"Exploiting undefined behaviors for efficient symbolic execution"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Alejandro Infante, University of Chile
"Identifying caching opportunities, effortlessly"

Second Place:Alex Shaw, Auburn University
"Program transformations to fix C buffer overflows"

CHI 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Nicola Dell, University of Washington
"A Mobile Point-of-Care Diagnostic System for Low-Resource Settings"

Second Place: Veronica Ahumada Newhart, University of California, Irvine
"Virtual Inclusion Via Telepresence Robots in the Classroom"

Third Place:Bertrand Schneider, Stanford University
"The Perceptual Benefits of a Tangible Interface Decrease with Users' Expertise"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Kyoungwon Seo, Hanyang University
"Autonomy-based Rehabilitation Design: Balancing Capability and Complexity"

Second Place:Sarah Weir, MIT
"Learnersourcing Subgoal Labels for How-to Videos"

Third Place:Hiroki Nozaki, Keio University
"Flying Display: A Movable Display Pairing Projector and Screen in the Air"

AOSD 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Daco Harkes, Delft Techcnial University
"Relations - A first class relationship and first class derivations programming language"

Second Place: Sora Bae, KAIST, Republic of Korea
"Practical Concolic Testing for JavaScript Applications"

Third Place: Jihyeok Park, KAIST, Republic of Korea
"JavaScript API Misuse Detection by Using TypeScript"

SAC 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Steven Te Brinke, University of Twente, Netherlands
"Interpreting Energy Profiles with CEGAR"

Second Place: Rafael Perazzo Barbosa Mota, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Mechanisms to Ensure Quality of Service for the Internet of Thing"

Third Place: Vanessa N. Cooper, Kennesaw State University
"Android Malware Detection based on Kullback-Leibler Divergence"

SIGCSE 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Zalia Shams, Virginia Tech
"Evaluating Quality of Student-Written Tests"

Second Place: Amber Wagner, University of Alabama
"Myna: A VUI for Programming by Voice"

Third Place: Michael Whitney, University of North Carolina,Charlotte
"Secure Coding Integrative Touchpoint Model"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: John Hirdt, St. Joseph's College
"Network Analysis of Nuclear Databases"

Second Place: Gili Rusak, Siena College
"Properties of Twitter Network Communications among Teenagers"

Third Place: Patrick D'Errico, The College of New Jersey
"BookNav: A System for Accessible Indoor Navigation on Mobile Android Devices"

CGO 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Deepak Majeti, Rice University
"Habanero C: A Portable Programming Model for Heterogeneous Processors"

Second Place: Kirill Kononenko, Technische Universität Darmstadt
"Dynamic Neutralization of Data Leakages"

Third Place: Laust Brock-Nannestad, Technical University of Denmark
"Safe Asynchronous System Calls"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Yi Lu, New York University
"Unleashing the Power of General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit"

ICCAD 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Aadithya V. Karthik, UC Berkeley
"ABCD: Accurate Booleanization of Continuous Dynamical Systems for Analog/Mixed-signal Design"

Second Place: Bei Yu, University of Texas, Austin
"Design for Manufacturing with Triple Patterning Lithography"

Third Place: Jeyavijayan Rajendran, Polytechnic Institute of New York University
"Securing Integrated Circuits through Camouflaging"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Song Yao, Tsinghua University
"Hierarchical Simulation and Optimization of 3D Power Delivery Network"

Second Place: None

Third Place: Jason Hyunkyu Koh, Seoul National University
"Analysis of storage- and converter-less maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic cells"

SC2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ehsan Totoni, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Structure-Aware Parallel Algorithm for Solution of Sparse Triangular Linear Systems"

Second Place: Nikhil Jain, , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Fast Prediction of Network Performance: k-packet Simulation"

Third Place: Dhairya Malhotra, University of Texas, Austin
"A Distributed-Memory Fast Multipole Method for Volume Potentials"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Carlo Del Mundo, Virginia Tech
"Enabling Efficient Intra-Warp Communication for Fourier Transforms in a Many-Core Architecture"

Second Place: Stephen Herbein, University of Delaware
"Fine-grained Gathering of Scientific Data in QMCPack Simulations on Titan"

Third Place:Robert Gerstenberger, Chemnitz University of Technology
"Handling Datatypes in MPI-3 One Sided"

SPLASH 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Peter Ohmann, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"CSI: Crash Scene Investigation"

Second Place: Robert Dyer, Iowa State University
"Task Fusion: Improving Utilization of Multi-user Clusters"

Third Place: Cyrus Omar, Carnegie Mellon University
"Structured Statistical Syntax Tree Prediction"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff, Stanford University
"Development of Automatically Verifiable Systems using Data Representation Synthesis"

Second Place: Joey Eremondi, Saskatchewan University
"The Poor Man's Proof Assistant: Using Prolog to Develop Formal Language Theoretic Proofs"

Third Place:Yunming Zhang, Rice University
"HJ-Hadoop: An Optimized MapReduce Runtime for Multi-core Systems"

Grace Hopper 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Somayeh Sardashti, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"SuperTag Cache: Exploiting Spatial Locality for Energy-Optimized Compressed Caching

Second Place: Ji-Sun Kim, Virginia Tech
"From Feet to Fingers: Action-Transferred Navigation Techniques for Cost-Effective, Space-Efficient, and Spatial-Learning-Effective 3D Virtual Environments"

Third Place: Matina Maria Trompouki. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
"Efficient Pedestrian Detection Based on Viola-Jones Method using GPUs"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Amna AlZeyara, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
"Arabic Accented Facial Expressions for a 3D Agent"

Second Place: Kritika Singh, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
"Handwritten Hindi Numerals Recognition"

Third Place:Julie B. Edwards, Smith College
"Kinect Based Choreography Recording Tool"

MobiCom 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tan Zhang, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"V-Scope: A Vehicle-Assisted Approach to Sensing Spectrum Dynamics in TV Whitespaces"

Second Place: Yan Wang, Stevens Institute of Technology
"Measuring Human Queues Using WiFi Signals"

MODELS 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Karolina Zurowska,Queen's University
"Domain Specific Analysis of State machine Models of Reactive Systems"

Second Place: Gabor Simko, Vanderbilt Univesity
"Semantic Specifications for Domain-Specific Modeling Languages"

Third Place: Tanja Mayerhofer, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
"Using fUML as Semantics Specification Language in Model Driven Engineering"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Robert Feldmann, Technion, Israel
"Complexity- and Performance Analysis of Different Controller Implementations on a Soft PLC"

PACT 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ali Mustafa Zaidi, University of Cambridge
"Exposing ILP in Custom Hardware with a Dataflow Compiler IR"

Second Place: Changwoo Min, Sung Kyun Kwan University
"Can Lock-free and Combining Techniques Co-exist? A Novel Approach on Concurrent Queue"

Third Place: Thomas Grass, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
"Task Sampling: Computer Architecture Simulation in the Many-Core Era"

SIGCOMM 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Dan Levin, TU Berlin
"Incremental SDN Deployment in Enterprise Networks"

Second Place: Matthew P. Grosvenor, University of Cambridge
"R2D2: Bufferless, Switchless Data Center Networks using Commodity Ethernet Hardware"

Third Place: Shankaranarayanan PN, Purdue University
"D-Tunes: Self tuning Datastores for Geo-distributed Interactive Applications"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Kyriakos Zarifis, University of Southern California
"Don't Drop, Detour!"

Second Place: Bo Liu, National University of Defense Technology
"QPhone: A Quantum security VoIP Phone"

Third Place:Swati Roy, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Characterizing Correlated Latency Anomalies in Broadband Access Networks"

SIGGRAPH 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Hugo Akitaya, University of Tsukuba
"Generating Folding Sequences from Crease Patterns of Flat-Foldable Origami"

Second Place: Matthew Keeter, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms
"Hierarchical Volumetric Object Representations for Digital Fabrication Workflows"

Third Place: Sheng-Ying Pao , MIT Media Lab
"Augmented Participatory Design"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Mayu Yamashita, Keio University
"Enchanted scissors: A Scissor Interface for Support in Cutting and Interactive Fabrication"

Second Place: Atsushi Masumori, Keio University
"Morphological Computation on Two Dimensional Self-Assembly System"

PLDI 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Vu Le, UC Davis
"Program Synthesis via Reverse Parsing"

Second Place: Minjia Zhang, Ohio State University
"LarkTM: Efficient, Strongly Atomic Software Transactional Memory"

Third Place: Qirun Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong
"Scaling CFL-Reachability-Based Alias Analysis for C: 10M SLoC in 10 Seconds"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: James Bornholt, Australian National University
"Uncertain: Uncertain data as a first-order type"

Second Place: Matthew Torok, UC Berkeley
"Superconductor: GPU-accelerated Big Data Visualization for the Browser"

Third Place: Eric Atkinson, UC Berkeley
"Parallel Browser Layout"

ICS 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Alejandro Valero, Universitat Politècnica de València
"Exploiting Reuse Information to Reduce Refresh Energy in On-Chip eDRAM Caches"

Second Place:Madhur Amilkanthwar, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
"CUPL : A Compile-time Uncoalesced Memory Access Pattern Locator for CUDA"

Third Place: Panagiotis Foteinos, College of William and Mary
"Multi-Layered Unstructured Mesh Generation"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Tyler Sorensen, University of Utah
"Towards Shared Memory Consistency Models for GPUs"

ICSE 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Sai Zhang, University of Washington
"ConfDiagnoser: An Automated Configuration Error Diagnosis Tool for Java Software"

Second Place: Wei Jin, Georgia Tech
"Reproducing and Debugging Field Failures in House"

Third Place: Nupul Kukreja, University of Southern California
"Decision Theoretic Requirements Prioritization: A Two-Step Approach for Sliding towards Value Realization"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Hammad Khalid, Queen's University, Canada
"On Identifying User Complaints of iOS Apps"

Second Place: Jordan Ell, University of Victoria, Canada
"Identifying Failure Inducing Developer Pairs within Developer Networks"

Third Place: Braden Simpson, University of Victoria, Canada
"Changeset Based Developer Communication to Detect Software Failures"

CHI 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Michael Crabb, University of Dundee
"Human Cognitive Measurement as a Metric within Usability Studies"

Second Place: Juho Kim, MIT
"ToolScape: Enhancing the Learning Experience of How-to Videos"

Third Place: Lisa Vizer, UMBC
"Different Strokes for Different Folks: Individual Stress Response as Manifested in Typed Text"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Bernd Huber, KIST
"Foot Position as Indicator of Spatial Interest at Public Displays"

Second Place: Megan Torkildson, University of Washington
"Visualizing the Performance of Classification Algorithms with Additional Re-Annotated Data"

Second Place(tie): Joey Rafidi, MIT
"Real-time Trip Planning with the Crowd"

AODS 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ismael Figueroa, University of Chile
"Towards Control of Aspect Interference using Membranes and Monads"

Second Place: Cynthia Disenfeld, Technion
"User-Friendly Event and Aspect Verification"

Third Place: Aibek Sarimbekov, University of Lugano
"Comparison of Instrumentation Techniques for Dynamic Program Analysis on the Java Virtual Machine"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Junhee Cho, KAIST
"Rewriting JavaScript Module System"

SAC 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Laura Micconi, Technical University of Denmark
"Multi-ASIP Platform Synthesis for Real-Time Applications"

Second Place: Huwaida Tagelsir Elshoush, University of Khartoum, Sudan
"A Novel Collaborative Intrusion Alert Correlation Model"

Third Place: Razvan Ranca, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"Reconstructing Shredded Documents"

U-SRC 2013(MSR-SVC) Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Antonia Blanca, UC Berkeley
"Mixing Behavior of the Heat-bath Dynamics in the Mean Field Random-cluster Model"

Second Place: Nihar Shah, UC Berkeley
"Codes for Reliable and Efficient Distributed Storage"

Third Place:Valeria Nikolaenko, Stanford m
"Privacy-Preserving Ridge Regression on Hundreds on Millions of Records"

SIGCSE 2013 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Marc Rubin, Colorado School of Mines
"On-Mote Compressive Sampling in Wireless Seismic Sensor Networks"

Second Place: Austin Bart, Virginia Tech
"Wacky Writing: Enhancing the XO Laptop Platform to Motivate Creative Writing by Children"

Third Place: James Maher, Colorado School of Mines
"A Comprehensive Machine Learning Approach to Predicting and Maximizing Penetration Rates in Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machines"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Dimitri Wijesinghe, Vassar College
"CheckPointing MCMCTree"

Second Place: Sulochana Bramhacharya, Hiram College
"Metagenomic Data Analysis Using Clustering"

Third Place: Demetrius Taylor, Lamar University
"Enabling a Resource Limited Robot to Formulate Complex Plans"

SC 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Sarat Sreepathi, North Carolina State University
"Optimus:A Parallel Optimization Framework with Topology Aware PSO and Applications"

Second Place: Ellis H. Wilson, Pennsylvania State University
"Performing Cloud Computing on a Parallet File System"

Third Place: Joshua D. Booth, Pennsylvania State University
"Norm-Coarsened Ordering for Parallel Incomplete Cholesky Preconditioning"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Kayo Teramoto, Yale University
"Pay as You GO in the Cloud: One Watt at a Time"

Second Place: Matthew Wezowicz, University of Delaware
"On the Cost of a General GPU Framework- The Strange Case of CUDA 4.0 vs. CUDA 5.0"

ASSETS 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Javier Torrente, Complutense University of Madrid
"Reusable Game Interfaces for People with Disabilities"

Second Place: Yury Puzis, Stony Brook University
"Accessible Web Automation"

Third Place: Wei Tzu-Wei, Chung Yuan Christian University
"Detecting the Hand-Mouthing Behavior of Children with Intellectual Disability Using Kinect Imaging Technology"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Nithin Santhanam, University of Pittsburgh
"Wii Remote as a Customizable Web Navigation Device For People with Cerebral Palsy"

SPLASH 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Gustavo Soares, Federal University of Campina Grande
"Automated Behavioral Testing of Refactoring Engines"

Second Place: Mark Zarb, University of Dundee
"Developing a Coding Scheme for the Analysis of Expert Pair Programming Sessions"

Third Place: Thierry Renaux, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
"Parallel Gesture Recognition with Soft Real-Time Guarantees"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Zack F. Coker, Auburn University
"Security-oriented Program Transformations to Cure Integer Overflow Vulnerabilities"

Second Place: Nathan Fulton, Carthage College, Carnegie Mellon University
"Security Through Extensible Type Systems"

Third Place: Benjamin Chung, Carnegie Mellon University
"Benchmarking Typestate-Oriented Programming Languages"

Grace Hopper 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Jaya Kawale, University of Minnesota
"A Graph Based Approach to find Teleconnections in Climate Data"

Second Place: Zalia Shams, Virginia Tech
"Evaluating Students’ Assignments by Running Their Test Cases against Each Other’s Code"

Third Place: Awalin Sopan, University of Maryland
"The Dynamics of Web-Based Community Safety Groups: Lessons Learned from the Nation of Neighbor"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Mairin C. Chesney, Michigan State University
"Does Coevolution between Digital Parasites and Hosts Promote Sexual Recombination in Evolutionary Computation?"

Second Place: Jillian E. Kramer, Villanova University
"Measuring the Efficiency of Mobile Technology Using an Adaptation of the Keystroke Level Model"

Third Place: Kaleigh A. Clary, Hendrix College
"A Comparison of the Self-Organizing Map and Growing Neural Gas Network in the Context of Handwriting Recognition"

PACT 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Matthew Gaudet, University of Alberta
"Transactional Event Profiling in a Best-Effort Hardware Transactional Memory System"

Second Place: Gennady Pekhimenko, Carnegie Mellon University
"Efficient Data Compression for Memory Hierarchies"

Third Place: Hari K. Pyla, Virginia Tech
"Transparent Runtime Deadlock Elimination"

ICFP 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Thomas Schilling, University of Kent
"Lambdachine: A Trace-based Just-in-time Compiler for Haskell"

Second Place: Tomas Petricek, University of Cambridge
"Coeffects: The essence of context dependence"

Third Place: Ki Yung Ahn, Portland State University
"System Fi: a higher-order polymorphic lambda-calculi with erasable term indices"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Franciso Ferriera, McGill University
"Bringing Higher-Order Abstract Syntax to Programmers - Compiling Contextual Object"

Second Place: Olivier Savary-Belanger, McGill University
"Beluga Surfacing with Flair, A case study of programming certified code transformations in BELUGA"

Third Place: Matthias Benkard, LMU Munchen
"Type Checking Without Types"

MobiCom 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Peter Dely, Karlstadt University
"CloudMAC - Torwards Software Defined WLANs"

Second Place: Riccardo Crepaldi, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
"LoadingZones: Leveraging Street Parking to Enable Vehicular Internet Access"

Third Place: Michele Segata, University of Insbruk
"A Simulation Tool for Automated Platooning in Mixed Highway Scenarios"

SIGCOMM 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Pietro Marchetta, University of Napoli
"Detecting Third Party Addresses in Traceroute IP Paths"

Second Place: Matthew Grosvenor, Cambridge University
"uvNIC: Rapid Prototyping Network Interface Controller Drivers"

Third Place: Nanxi Kang, Princeton University
"Policy Transformation in Software Defined Networks"

SIGGRAPH 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tiffany Inglis, University of Waterloo
"Pixelating Vector Line Art"

Second Place: Matthew Hirsch, MIT Media Lab
"8D Display"

Third Place: Eisung Sohn, Yonsei University
"Shape Deformation Using Freeform Deformation Axis"

PLDI 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Jeff Huang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
"Lightweight Concurrency Crash Reproduction Without Logging Shared Memory Dependencies and Program States"

Second Place: Leo Meyerovich,UC Berkeley
"Synthesizing and Parallelizing Layout Languages"

Third Place: Michael M. Vitousek, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Gradual Typing with Efficient Object Casts"

DAC 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Shao-Yun Fang, NTU
"Lithography Optimization for Sub-22 Nanometer Technologies"

Second Place: Brandon Noia, Duke University
"Test Architecture Design and Optimization for 3D Stacked ICs using Through Silicon Vias"

Third Place: Jeyavijayan Rajendran, NYU Poly
"Securing Integrated Circuits Through Logic Encryption"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Lawrence Schlitt, Univ. of Utah
"Effects of Thermal Stress on Silicon Photonic Waveguide Operation"

ICSE 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Kelly Blincoe,Drexel University
"Timely Detection of Coordination Requirements to Support Collaboration among Software Developers"

Second Place: Kai Yu, Beihang University
"Improving Failure-inducing Changes Identification using Coverage Analysis"

Third Place: Soudip Chowdhury , UNITN
"Assisting Mashup Development in Browser Based Modeling Tool"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Pablo Estefo, Universidad de Chile
"Restructuring Unit Tests with TestSurgeon"

CHI 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Heather Underwood, University of Colorado, Boulder
"PartoPen: Enhancing the Partograph with Digital Pen Technology"

Second Place: Shaojian Zhu, University of Maryland BC
"SocialProof: Using Crowdsourcing for Correcting Errors to Improve Speech Based Dictation Experiences"

Third Place: Amirrudin Kamsin, University College London
"Personal Task Management: My tools fall apart when I'm very busy!"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Geza Kovacs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"ScreenMatch: Providing context to software translators by displaying screenshots"

CGO 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Todd Jackson, University of California
"Changing the Game: Using Software Diversity to Counter Return-Oriented Programming"

Second Place: Carolina Simoes Gomes, University of Alberta
"Applying Flow Graph Mining to the Performance Analysis of Flat Profile Applications"

Third Place: Riyadh Baghdadi, INRIA
"Putting Polyhedral Optimization Techniques to Work in Production Compilers:
Progresses in Scalability and Memory Management"

AOSD 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Cynthia Disenfeld, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
"Compositional Verification of Events and Aspects"

Second Place: Jens Nikolay, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
"Tearing Down the Multicore Barrier for Web Applications"

Third Place: Jurgen Van Ham, TU Darmstadt
"Adding High-Level Concurrency to EScala"

SIGCSE 2012 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tanmoy Sarkar, Iowa State University
"Dynamic Test Input Generation for Database Applications to Achieve High Mutation Score"

Second Place: Monika Akbar, Virginia Tech
"Deduced Social Networks for Educational Portal"

Third Place: Kevin Buffardi, Virginia Tech
"Student Adherence to Test-First Programming in the Classroom"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Kelly Smith, Slippery Rock University
"PICS: Platform Independent Cloud Scripting"

Second Place: Elizabeth Skiba, SUNY Geneseo
"Experimentally Exploring Algorithmic Descriptions of Three-Dimensional Geometry"

Third Place: Stephanie Schmidt, Sonoma State University
"Modeling the Power Consumption of Computer Systems with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)"

SC 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Vladimir Umiftsev, University of Nebraska-Omaha
"A Scalable Group Testing Based Algorithm for Finding d-highest Betweenness Centrality Vertices in Large Scale Networks"

Second Place: Sam Ade Jacobs, Texas A&M University
"From Days to Seconds: Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Motion Planning"

Third Place: Ehsan Totoni, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Optimizing All-to-All Algorithm for Blue Waters Using Simulation"

GRACE HOPPER 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tiffany C. Inglis, University of Waterloo
"Generating Opt Art Lines"

Second Place: Maryam Sadeghi, Simon Fraser University
"Automated Detection and Analysis of Dermoscopic Structures on Dermoscopy Images"

Third Place: Niyati Chhaya, University of Maryland
"Joint Inference for Extracting Text Descriptors from Triage Images of Mass Disaster Victims"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Stephanie M. Antetomaso, Wheaton College
"Unsupervised Phoneme Segmentation in Continuous Speech"

Second Place: Pragya Tripathi, Columbia College
"Alice in WonderClassroom"

Third Place: Avani Nandini, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
"What If Application Demands Phonetic Similarity?"

ASSETS 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Rolf Black, University of Dundee, Scotland
"The PhonicStick – A Joystick to Generate Novel Words Using Phonics"

Second Place: Ha Trinh, Universty of Dundee, Scotland
"Using a Computer Intervention to Support Phonological Awareness Development of Nonspeaking Adults"

Third Place: Markus Guentert, University of Potsdam, Germany
"Improving Public Transit Accessibility for Blind Riders: A Train Station Navigation Assistant"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Brandon Shrewsbury, University of West Georgia
"Providing Haptic Feedback Using The Kinect"

Second Place: Sanjana Prasain, University of Washington
"StopFinder: Improving the Experience of Blind Public Transit Riders with Crowdsourcing"

Third Place: Victoria Hribar, Virginia Commonwealth University
"The TaskTracker"

SPLASH 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Hari K. Pyla, Virginia Tech
"Coarse-Grain Speculation for Emerging Processors"

Second Place:Jelena Vlasenko, Free University of Bolzano/Bozen, Italy
"Exploring Developer's Tool Paths"

Third Place:Hiroki Nishino, NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences & Engineering, Singapore
"Misfits in Abstractions: Toward User Centered Design in Domain-Specific Languages for End-user Programming"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Sarah Chasins, Swarthmore College
"Efficient Implementation of the Plaid Language"

Second Place:Melina Mongiovi, Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil
"Safira: A Tool for Evaluating Behavior Preservation"

Third Place: Ernesto Alfonso, Carnegie Mellon University
"Automatic Protocol-Conformance Recommendations"

PACT 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Alexandros Tzannes, University of Maryland, College Park
"Improving Run-Time Scheduling for General-Purpose Parallel Code"

Second Place: Zhijia Zhao, College of William and Mary
"Probabilistic Models towards Optimal Speculation of DFA Applications"

Third Place: Rance Rodrigues, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
"An Architecture to Enable Lifetime Full Chip Testability in Chip Multiprocessors"

MobiCom 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ashish Patro, University of Wisconsin
"AirTrack: Locating Non-WiFi Interferers using Commodity WiFi Hardware"

Second Place: Zhongli Liu, University of Massachusetts Lowell
"HAWK: An Unmanned Mini Helicopter-based Aerial Wireless Kit for Search, Rescue and Surveillance"

Third Place: Ahmed E. Kosba, Egypt-Japan Univ. of Science and Technology
"A Robust Technique for WLAN Device-free Passive Motion Detection"

SIGCOMM 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Matthias Wilhelm, TU Kaiserslautern
"WiFire: A Firewall for Wireless Networks"

Second Place: Wenchao Zhou, University of Pennsylvania
"FSR: Formal Analysis and Implementation Toolkit for Safe Inter-domain Routing"

Third Place: Mainack Mondal, Max Planck Institute
"Limiting Large-scale Crawls of Social Networking Sites"

SIGGRAPH 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Lech Swirski, University of Cambridge
"Layered Photo Pop-Up"

Second Place: Clemens Birklbauer, Johannes Kepler University Linz
"Display Pixel Caching"

Third Place: Yusuke Matsui, The University of Tokyo
"Interactive Manga Retargeting"

DAC 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Wing Chiu Tam, Carnegie Mellon University
"Physically-Aware Analysis of Systematic Defects in Integrated Circuits"

Second Place: Jayanand Asok Kumar, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
"Static Analysis of RTL Source Code for Estimating Aging-induced Degradation"

Third Place: Nauman Khan, Tufts University
"Method to Mitigate Through-Silicon Via-Induced Substrate Noise"

PLDI 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Dimitris Vardoulakis, Northeastern University
"High-Order Flow Analysis with Call/Return Matching"

Second Place: Cindy Rubio Gonzalez, Universidad of Wisconsin, Madison
"Finding Error-Handling Bugs Using Static Analysis"

Third Place: Jaeheon Yi, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Building a Better Concurrency: Cooperative Reasoning for Preemptive Execution"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Samantha Wood, Bryn Mawr College
"SMOReS: Sparse Matrix Omens of Reordering Success"

Second Place: Max Grossman, Rice University
"Dynamic Task parallelism with a GPU Work-Stealing Runtime System"

Third Place: Sandeep Kumar Bindal, Indian Institute of Technology, India
"Systematic Ranking of Thread Schedules for Testing Multithreaded Programs"

ICS 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Yuan Tian, Auburn University
"Enabling Petascale Data Analysis for Scientific Applications Through Data Reorganization"

Second Place: Matthieu Dorier, ENS Cachan
"Damaris: Using Dedicated I/O Cores for Scalable Post-petascale HPC Simulations"

Third Place: Choonki Jang, Seoul National University
"An Automatic Code Overlaying Technique for Multicores with Explicitly-Managed Memory Hierarchies"

ICSE 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Shauvik Roy Choudhary, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Detecting Cross-browser Issues in Web Applications"

Second Place: Sai Zhang, University of Washington
"Combined Static and Dynamic Automated Test Generation"

Third Place: Sandeep Kumar, National University of Singapore
"Specification Mining in Concurrent and Distributed Systems"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Julius Davies, University of Victoria, Canada
"Measuring Subversions: Security and Legal Risk in Reused Software Artifacts"

Second Place: Vanessa Pena, Universidad de Chile
"Test Blueprint: An Effective Visual Support for Test Coverage"

Winner of the Innovative use of Microsoft technology Award: Xusheng Xiao
"Problem Identification for Structural Test Generation: First Step Towards Cooperative Developer Testing"

CHI 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Hyungsin Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Exploring Technological Opportunities for Cognitive Impairment Screening"

Second Place: Wei Dong, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
"Cultural Difference in Image Searching"

Third Place: Vera Liao, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
"How User Reviews Influence Older and Younger Adults' Credibility Judgments of Online Health Information"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Svenja Leifert, University of Konstanz
"The Influence of Grids on Spatial and Content Memory"

AOSD 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Camila Nunes, PUC Rio
"On the Proactive Identification of Mistakes on Concern Mapping Tasks"

Second Place: Danilo Ansaloni, University of Lugano
"Self-Refining Aspects for Dynamic Program Analysis"

Third Place: Ismael Figueroa, University of Chile
"Avoiding Confusion with Exception Handling in Aspect-Oriented Programming"

SiGCSE 2011 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Acey Boyce, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
"Augmenting Educational Tools through Conversion to Games"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Zachary Zappala, The College of New Jersey
"Investigating Computational Methods for Evaluating Putative Substrate Conformations in Cytochrome P450s"

Second Place: Charles Stolper, Furman University
"TheCave: Using GPUs and Classical Philosophy to Data-Mine Images "

Third Place: Shaun Pickford, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
"Dance Tool: Creation of a New Culturally Situated Educational Game"

SC 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Swapnil Patil, Carnegie Mellon University
"Scale and Concurrency of GIGA+: File System Directories with Millions of Files"

Second Place: Yi Gu, University of Memphis
"Optimizing End-to-End Performance of Scientific Workflows in Distributed Environments"

Third Place: Kanimathai Duraisamy, University of Nebraska – Omaha
"An Efficient Algorithm for Obtaining Low Memory Approximation Models of Large-Scale Networks"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: David C. Goode, Harvard University
"Parallelized Hartree-Fock Code for Scalable Structural and Electronic Simulation of Large Nanoscale Molecules"

Second Place: Alan P.Humphrey, University of Utah
"An Integration of Dynamic MPI Formal Verification within Eclipse PTP"

Third Place: Daren J. Hasenkamp, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
"Finding Tropical Cyclones on Clouds"

ASSETS 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Shiri Azenkot, University of Washington
"GoBraille: Enhancing Independence and Safety for Blind and Deaf-Blind Public Transit Riders"

Second Place: Kristen Shinohara, University of Washington
"Investigating Meaning in Uses of Assistive Devices: Implications of Social and Professional Contexts"

Third Place: Kyle Montague, University of Dundee
"Accessible Indoor Navigation"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Samuel White, University of Rochester
"AudioWiz: Nearly Real-time Audio Transcriptions"

Second Place: Timothy Walsh, University of Delaware
"Utterance-Based Systems: Organization and Design of AAC Interfaces"

Third Place: Jason Behmer, University of Washington
"LocalEyes: Accessible GPS and Points of Interest"

SPLASH 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ciera Jaspan, Carnegie Mellon University
"Verifying Configuration Files"

Second Place: Boaz Rosenan, Open Univesity of Israel
"Designing Language-Oriented Programming Languages"

Third Place: Ferosh Jacob, University of Alabama
"Extending Abstract APIs to Shared Memory"

Grace Hopper 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Abrita Chakravarty, Duke University
"A Modular Pipeline for Computational Prediction of Imprinted Human Genes"

Second Place: Tanzima Z. Islam, Purdue University
"Harnessing Multiple Cores for Efficient Checkpointing in Grid Systems"

Third Place: Nurcan Durak, University of Louisville
"Principal Contour Extraction and Contour Classification to Detect Coronal Loops from the Solar Images"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Sophia Yang, Pomona College
"What are You Looking At? Classifying Neural Activity of the Fusiform Face Area"

Second Place: Sarah H. Harmon, Colby College
"Human Perception of Gendered Artificial Entities" MobiCom 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Souvik Sen, Duke University
"Listen Before You Talk, But on the Frequency Domain"

Second Place: Shahriyar Amini, Carnegie Mellon University
"Caché: Caching Location-Enhanced Content to Improve User Privacy"

Third Place: Dan Levin, Deutsche Telekom Labs
"TCPSpeaker: Clean and Dirty Sides of the Same Slate"

PACT 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Niket K. Choudhary, North Carollina State University
"FabScalar: Composing Synthesizable RTL Designs of Arbitrary Cores within a Canonical Superscalar Template"

Second Place: Mehdi Modarressi, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
"A Scalable High-performance Reconfigurable On-chip Network Architecture"

Third Place: Nalini Vasudevan, Columbia University
"D2C: Deterministic, Deadlock-free Concurrency"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Peter Calvert, University of Cambridge, UK
"Offloading Java to Graphics Processors"

SIGCOMM 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Szymon Jakubczak, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"One-Size-Fits-All Wireless Video"

Second Place: Samuel David Perli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"PixNet: LCD-Camera Pairs as Communication Links"

Third Place: Jie Xiong, University College London
"SecureAngle: Improving Wireless Security Using Angle-of-Arrival Information"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Tianyi Wang , Tsinghua University
"Unbiased Sampling in Directed Social Graph"

Siggraph 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Pedro Cruz, Universidade de Coimbra
"Visualizing Empires Decline"

Second Place: James Gregson, The University of British Columbia
"Rapid Surface and Volume Mesh Generation From Depth-Augmented Visual Hulls"

Third Place: Michael Berger, University of Edinburgh
"Carnival: A Modular Framework for Automated Facial Animation "

DAC 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tan Yan, University of Illinois
"A Novel Placement Approach to Length-Matching Routing"

Second Place: Peter Milder, Carnegie Mellon University
"A Formula-Driven Approach for Compiling and Optimizing Hardware Implementations of DSP Transforms"

Third Place: Xiangyu Dong, Penn State University
"Modeling and Leveraging Emerging Non-Volatile Memories for Future Computer Designs"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Tsung Wei Huang, University: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
"Droplet Routing Algorithms for Digital Microfluidic Biochips"

PLDI 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Eva Burrows, University of Bergen, Norway
"Harnessing the Driving Force of Dependencies"

Second Place: Anh Vo, University of Utah
"Scalable Verification of MPI Programs"

Third Place: Mirza Beg, University of Waterloo
"Instruction Scheduling on Multicores"

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Daniel Ehrenberg, Carleton College
"Closure Elimination as Constant Propagation"

ICSE 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Andrew Bragdon, Brown University
"Code Bubbles: Rethinking the User Interface Paradigm of Integrated Development Environments"

Second Place: Zvonimir Rakamaric, University of British Columbia
"STORM: Static Unit Testing of Concurrent Programs"

Third Place: Thomas Fritz, University of British Columbia
"Staying Aware of Relevant Feeds in Context"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Florian S. Gysin, University of Bern
"Improved Social Trustability of Code Search Results"

CHI 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Yuichi Fujiki, University of Houston
"IPHONE As a Physical Activity Measurement Platform"

Second Place: Dana Rotman, University of Maryland
"Constant Connectivity, Selective Participation: Mobile-Social Interaction of Students and Faculty"

Third Place: D.Yvette Wohn, Michigan State University
"Building Commmon Ground and Reciprocity through Social Network Games"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Eleanor Poley, Knox College
"RUMU Editor: A Non-WYSIWYG Web Editor for Non-Technical Users"

Second Place: Yvonne Jansen, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
"MUDPAD: Fluid Haptics for Multitouch Surfaces"

Third Place: Elizabeth Stobert, Carleton University, Canada
"Usability and Strength in Click-Based Graphical Passwords"

SIGCSE 2010 Winners
Graduate Category
Andrew Meneely, North Carolina State University
"Secure Open Source Collaboration: An Empirical Study of Linus' Law"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Tommy Carpenter, Central CT State Univ.
"Iris Recognition for Mobile Devices"

Second Place: Eric Drewniak, Wheaton College
"Unsupervised Discovery of Motifs with Amplitude"

Third Place: Stefan Maurer, Hiram College
"Analysis of User Behavior"

SC 2009 Winner
Undergraduate Category
Jacqueline R. Addesa, Virginia Tech
"On the Efficacy of Haskell for High-Performance Computational Biology"

ASSETS 2009 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Miriam Madsen, MIT
"iSET: Enabling in Situ and Post Hoc Video Labeling"

Second Place: Nova Ahmed, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Defining Virtualization Based System Abstractions for an Indoor Assistive Living for Elderly Care"

Third Place: Wei-Hsun Chen, Chung Yuan Christian University
"MGuider: Mobile Guiding and Tracking System in Public Transit System for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Raphael Rush, Queen's University
"Sensation Augmentation to Relieve Pressure Sore Formation in Wheelchair Users"

Second Place: Stephen Steward, University of Delaware
"Designing AAC Interfaces for Commercial Brain-Computer Interaction Gaming Hardware"

OOPSLA 2009 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tudor Dumitras,Carnegie Mellon University
"Dependable, Online Upgrades in Enterprise Systems"

Second Place: Michael Pradel, ETH Zurich
"Dynamic Inference and Refinement of API Usage Protocols"

Third Place: Nels E. Beckman, Carnegie Mellon University
"Modular Typestate Checking in Concurrent Java Programs"

Undergraduate Category
Diego Cavalcanti, Federal University of Campina Grande
"Improving Safety when Refactoring Aspect-Oriented Programs"

Grace Hopper 2009 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Taniya Siddiqua, University of Virginia
"Dynamic NBTI Management in Multicore Processor"

Second Place: Xiaohuan (Iris) Yan, Monash University
"Handover Optimization in Fourth-Generation Heterogeneous Wireless Networks"

Third Place: Zartasha Mustansar, The University of Manchester, UK
"Computer Aided Insights into the Biomechanics of Dinosaurs"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Manasi Vartak, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Recommendation-based Query Relaxation via Space Partitioning and Mapping Functions"

Second Place: Nan Meng, Winona State University
"Presenting Clinical Survival Probability Charts on Mobile Devices"

Second Place (tie): Lucy Vasserman, Pomona College
"Towards Emotionally Intelligent Machines: A Comprehensive Mood Classification System"

MobiCom 2009 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, Purdue University
"Designing Coded Feedback for Efficient Network Coding Based Opportunistic Routing"

Second Place: Ionut Constandache, Duke University
"Highlights: Event Coverage in Mobile Social Networks"

Third Place: Sriram Nandha Premnath, University of Utah
"Secret Key Extraction in MIMO-Like Sensor Networks Using Wireless Signal Strength"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Chun-Wei Chen, National Taiwan University
"DANCE: A Game-Theoretical Femtocell Channel Exchange Mechanism"

Second Place: Ahmed Saeed, Nile University
"DNIS: A Middleware for Dynamic Multiple Network Interface Scheduling"

PACT 2009 Winners
Graduate Category Only
First Place: Bushra Ahsan, City University of New York
"A Hybrid Compiler-Architecture Technique to Manage Off-Chip Traffic for Multicore Chips"

Second Place: Jayaram Bobba, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Designing Efficient Safe Supervised Memory Systems"

Third Place: Samer Arandi, University of Cyprus
"DDM-VMC: The Data-Driven Multithreading"

SIGGRAPH 2009 Winners
Graduate Category Only
First Place: Tae-Joon Kim (presenter), Bochang Moon, Duksu Kim, Sung-Eui Yoon (presenter)
"RACBVHs: Random-Accessible Compressed Bounding Volume Hierarchies"

Second Place: Matthew Hirsch (presenter), Douglas Lanman, Ramesh Raskar, Henry Holtzman
"BiDi Screen: Depth and Lighting Aware Interaction and Display"

Third Place: Lisa Blum (presenter), Wolfgang Broll, Stefan Müller
"Augmented Reality under water"

Hypertext 2009 Winners
Graduate Category Only
First Place: Christian Koerner, TU Graz
"The Motivation behind Tagging"

Second Place: Michal Tvarozek, Slovak University of Technology
"Personalized Semantic Web Exploration Based on Adaptive Faceted Browsing"

Third Place: Ching Man Au Yeung, University of Southampton
"User-Induced Hyperlinks in Collaborative Tagging Systems"

PLDI 2009 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Jennifer B. Sartor, University of Texas at Austin
"Efficient Array lets for the Masses"

Second Place: Ohad Shacham, Tel Aviv University
"Chameleon: Adaptive Selection of Collections"

Third Place: Michael Ashley-Rollman, Carnegie Mellon University
"Distributing Logic Programs"

Undergraduate Category
Paul Magrath, Trinity College Dublin
"Encryption Code Generator"

SIGCHI 2009 Winners
Undergraduate Category
First Place: Jun Kato, University of Tokyo
"Mult-Touch Interface for Controlling Multiple Mobile Robots"

Second Place: Zhiquan Yeo, Carnegie Mellon University
"KTE2: An Engine for Kinetic Typography"

Third Place: Marcus Reul, RWTH Aachen University
"Bringing Usability to Industrial Control Systems"

Graduate Category
First Place: Patrick Gage Kelley, Carnegie Mellon University
"Designing a Privacy Label: Assisting Consumer Understanding of Online Privacy Practices"

Second Place: Brynn M. Evans, University of California, San Diego
"Exploring the Cognitive Consequences of Social Search"

Third Place: Charlene Jennett, University College London
"Investigating Computer Game Immersion and the Component Real World Dissociation"

SIGCSE 2009 Winners
Graduate Category
Alma Cemerlic, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
"Fine-grained reputation-based routing in wireless ad hoc networks"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Michael Liberatore, the College of Wooster
"Comparing Numerical Integration Methods in a Simulator for the Draping Behavior of Cloth"

Second Place: Sara Voss, Coe College
A GPU-Accelerated Method for Estimating the Desolvation Energy of Protein Complexes

Third Place: Aaron Gember, Marquette University
"Real-Time TCP for Embedded Devices"

SC 2008 Winners

Undergraduate Category
Co-Winner: Sara Alspaugh, University of Virginia
"Policy-driven Data Management for Distributed Scientific Collaborations using a Rule Engine"

Co-Winner: Gabriel E. Martinez, Virginia Tech
"Characterizing and Optimizing Virtualization Overhead for Portable High-performance Networking"

Graduate Category
First Place: Akila Gothandaraman, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
"Acceleration of Quantum Monte Carlo Applications on Emerging Computing Platforms"

Second Place: David Dynerman, University of Wisconsin
"A GPU-Accelerated Method for Estimating the Desolvation Energy of Protein Complexes"

Third Place: Abhinav Bhatele, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
"Effects of Contention on Message Latencies in Large Supercomputers"

OOPSLA 2008 Winners

Graduate Category Only
First Place: Kevin Bierhoff, Carnegie Mellon University
"Checking API Protocol Compliance in Java"

Second Place: Michael Gegick, North Carolina State University
"Failure-prone Components are also Attack-prone Components"

Third Place: Marwan Abi-Antoun, Carnegie Mellon University
"Static Extraction and Conformance Checking of the Runtime Architecture of Object-Oriented Systems"

ASSETS 2008 Winners

Graduate Category Only
First Place: Keith Trnka, University of Delaware
"Adapting word prediction to subject matter without topic-labeled data"

Second Place: Xu Liu, University of Maryland
"A Camera Phone Based Currency Reader for the Visually Impaired"

Third Place: Mohammed E. Hoque, MIT
"Analysis of Speech Properties of Neurotypicals and Individuals Diagnosed with Autism and Down's Syndrome"

MobiCom 2008 Winners

Graduate Category
First Place: Stratis Ioanidis, University of Toronto
"On the Distribution of Content Updates over a Mobile Social Network"

Second Place: Samuel Nelson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
"Encounter-Based Routing in DTNs"

Third Place: Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, Purdue University
"XCOR: Synergistic Interflow Network Coding and Opportunistic Routing"

Grace Hopper 2008 Winners

Graduate Category Only
First Place: Ramya Raghavendra, University of California, Santa Barbara
A Case for Adapting Channel Width in Wireless Networks

Second Place: Sadaf Zahedi, University of California, Los Angeles
Quality of Information-Aware Design and Management of Sensor Network

Third Place: Candy Yiu, Portland State University
60GHZ High Speed Wireless Architecture

Undergraduate Category Only
First Place: Neha Singh, IIT Bombay
"Scaling Network Games Using Collaborative P2P Overlay"

Second Place: Alice (Xuexin) Zhu, Harvey Mudd College
HoverCross: Modeless Editing for Pen-Based Computing

Third Place: Sarah M. Loos, Indiana University
Variations of Strassen's Matrix Multiplication Algorithms

SIGGRAPH 2008 Winners

Graduate Category Only
First Place: Max Grosse, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Coded Aperture Projection

Second Place: Ly Phan, Washington University/St.Louis
"Surface Reconstruction from Point Set Using Projection Operator"

Third Place: Hitoshi Uno, Kwansei Gakuin University
"Lace Curtain: Measurement of BTDF and rendering of woven cloth"

HyperText 2008 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Yves Petinot, Columbia University
"Context-based URL Summarization"

Second Place: Charlie Hargood, University of Southampton
"A Thematic Model for Narrative Generation"

Third Place: Danielle Hyunsook Lee
PITTCULT: Recommender System using Trusted Human Network

PLDI 2008 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Haifeng He, University of Arizona
Compressing Dynamic Data Structures

Second Place: Anne Mulhern, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Effective Slicing

Third Place: Michael Achenbach, University of Aarhus
Hybrid Program Analysis for Error Detection

CHI 2008 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: William Odom, University of Indiana
Personal Inventories: Toward Durable Human-Product Relationships

Second Place (tie): Lisa Nathan, University of Washington
"Ecovillages, Values, and Information Technology: Balancing Sustainability with Daily Life in 21st Century America"

Second Place (tie): Ye Kyaw Thu, Waseda University
"Positional Prediction: Consonant Cluster Prediction Text Entry Method for Burmese"

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Suzanne Prior, University of Dundee
"Interface Metaphor Design and Instant Messaging for Older Adults"

Second Place: Gero Herkenrath, Aachen University
TWEND: Twisting and Bending as New Interaction Gesture in Mobile Devices

Third Place: Zhiquan Yeo, Carnegie Mellon University
"Emotional Instant Messaging with KIM"

SIGCSE 2008 Winners

Undergradate Category Only

Winner: Tal Rusak, Cornell University
"Accurate, Scalable Simulation of Tiny OS Sensor Networks using Physically-Based Signal Power Models"

Supercomputing 2007 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Junqing Sun, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Obtaining High Performance via Lower-Precision FPGA Floating Point Units

Second Place: Timothy Hartley, Ohio State University
Storing and Searching Massive Scale-free Graphs Author Information

Third Place: Alexandru Iosup, Delft University of Technology
GrenchMark: A Framework for Testing Large-Scale Distributed Computing Systems

OOPSLA 2007 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Otavio Lemos
"CodeGenie: A Tool for Test-Driven Source Code Search"

Second Place: Marwan Abi-Antoun
Assuring the Execution Architecture of Object-Oriented Programs using Ownership Domain Annotations

Third Place: Emerson Murphy-Hill
Activating Refactorings Faster

Grace Hopper 2007 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Himabindu Pucha, Purdue University
Exploiting Similarity for Multi-Source Downloads Using File Handprints

Second Place: Wanmin Wu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Towards Multi-Party Collaboration in 3D Tele-Immersive Environments"

Third Place: Amrita Pati
Genomic Signatures from DNA Word Graphs

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Neha Singh

Tapia 2007 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Joy Kamunyori, University of Virginia
Handling Self-Modifying Code Using Software Dynamic Translation

Second Place: Tao Cui, California Institute of Technology
Opportunistic Source Coding for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks

Third Place: Talithia Willliams, Rice University
"A Spatio-Temporal Model for Bias Estimation in Radar Rainfal Data"

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Michael Eagle, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
"Wu's Castle: Teaching For Loops and Arrays Using Games"

Second Place: Jerry Backer, City University of New York
"The Effect of Memory Bandwidth on Processor Performance"

Third Place: Lonnie T. Parker, Georgia Institute of Technology
Learning Locomotion Behaviors for Adaptation of Omni-Directional Walking Patterns ASSETS 2007 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Jun Gong

Second Place: Darren Lunn
SADIe: Exposing Implicit Information to Improve Accessibility

MOBICOM 2007 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Shravan Rayanchu
"Deconstructing Wireless Errors: Collision or 'Bad' Channel"

Second Place: Mehedi Bakht and Yuan Yuan
Mehedi Bakht: On the Feasibility of High-power Radios in Sensor Networks

Third Place: Udayan Kumar
Gender-based feature analysis in Campus-wide WLANS

SIGGRAPH 2007 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Eric Brochu
"Preference Galleries for BRDF Design"

Second Place: Lu Liu
"Surface Network Construction from Non-parallel Cross-sections"

Third Place: Sumit Jain
"Optimization-Based Interactive Motion Synthesis for Virtual Characters"

PLDI 2007 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Lakshminarayanan Renganarayana, Colorado State University
Posynomials: the Language of Optimal Tiling

Second Place: David Lo, National University of Singapore
A Sound and Complete Specification Miner

Third Place: Ramakrishna Gummadi, University of Southern California
Global Atomicity Guarantees for Sensor Networks

STOC 2007 Winners

Undergraduate Category Only

First Place: Matei Zaharia
Fast and Optimal Scheduling over Multiple Network Interfaces

Second Place: Kevin Dick
A Mathematical Model of Hardware Prefetching

CHI 2007 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Wendy Moncur, Universities of Aberdeen & Dundee
Providing Affective Information to Family and Friends Based on Social Networks

Second Place: Nathan G. Freier, University of Washington
Children Distinguish Conventional from Moral Violations in Interactions with a Personified Agent

Third Place: Eric Lee, RWTH Aachen University

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Satyendra Nainwal, University of Michigan

Second Place: Anthony Collins, University of Sydney
Exploring Tabletop File System Interaction

Winners of the 2006-2007 SRC Grand Finals

Graduate Category

First Place: Eugene Borodin, Stony Brook University
HearSay: Context-Directed Non-Visual Web Browser

Second Place: Emerson Murphy-Hill, Portland State University
Improving Usability of Refactoring Tools

Third Place: Bowen Hui, University of Toronto
Automatic Software Customization: A Methodology for Learning Individual Preferences

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Anselm Grundhoefer, Bauhaus-University Weimar
Real-Time Adaptive Radiometric Compensation

Second Place: Maria A. Kazandjieva, Mt. Holyoke College
Lightweight Economic Models for Resource Sharing in Wireless Networks

Third Place: Yuan-Ting E. Huang, University of British Columbia
Mobile Phone Keypad Design for Fast Chinese Text Entry by Phonetic Spelling

SIGCSE 2007 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Jiang Zheng, North Carolina State University
On Regression Testing COTS-based Applications

Second Place: Seiji Isotani, Osaka University
Using Ontologies to Develop Theory-aware Collaborative Learning Applications

Third Place: Ewa Misiolek, University of Notre Dame
"Two Flow Network Simplification Algorithms"

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Anthony Gitter, Arizona State University
Biomedical Information Extraction Through Deep Parsing and Syntactic Role Matching

Second Place: Maria A. Kazandjieva, Mt. Holyoke College
Economic Models for Resource Sharing in Wireless Networks

Third Place: Christopher Earl, Ohio Wesleyan University
"Shared Shortest Paths"

SC 2006 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Benjamin C Lee, Harvard University
"Statistical Inference for Efficient Microarchitectural and Application Analysis"

Second Place: Jik-Soo Kim, University of Maryland at College Park
"Employing Peer-to-Peer Services for Robust Grid Computing"

Third Place: Taiga Nakamura, University of Maryland
"HPCBugBase: An Experience Base for HPC Defects"

ASSETS 2006 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Joshua Hailpern, Carnegie Mellon University
"WISE: A Wizard Interface Supporting Enhanced Usability"

Second Place: Yevgen Borodin, Stony Brook University
"A Flexible VXML Interpreter for Non-Visual Web Access"

Third Place: Murni Mahmud, University Of Manchester, UK
"A Mixed Method For Evaluating Input Devices With Older Persons"

OOPSLA 2006 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: George Fairbanks, Carnegie Mellon University
"Design Fragments Make Framework Use Easier"

Second Place: Emerson Murphy-Hill, Portland State University
"Improving Usability Of Refactoring Tools"

Third Place: Dario Correal, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
"Definition And Execution Of Multiple Viewpoints In Workflow Processes"

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2006 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Laura Chiticariu
"A non-intrusive Data-driven Approach to Debugging Schema Mapping for Data Exchange"

Second Place: Bowen Hui
"Decision-Theoretic Intelligent Assistance"

Third Place: Jhilmil Jain
"Extensible and Dynamic Data Stucture Viewers in Java"

Undergraduate Winner

Erica Yuan-Ting Huang
"Mobile phone keypad design for Fast Chinese Text Entry by Phonetic Spelling" MOBICOM 2006 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Vivek Shrivastava
"On the (In)Feasibility of Fine Grained Transmit Power Control"

Second Place: Robin Snader
"Energy-Efficient Frame Dropping Policies for Multimedia"

Third Place: Vishnu Navda
"Deflect: Interference-aware Fast Path Adaptation in Wireless Mesh Networks"

Undergraduate Category

Michael Ford
"Opportunistic Bandwidth Allocation with SDR"

SIGGRAPH 2006 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Wenjin Zhou (Brown University)
"Perceptual Coloring and 2D Sketching for Segmentation of Neural Pathways"

Second Place: Zeki Melek (Texas A&M University)
"Bending Burning Matches and Crumpling Burning Paper"

Third Place: Makoto Okabe (University of Tokyo)
"Illumination Brush: Interactive Design of Image-based Lighting"

Undergraduate Winner

Anselm Grundhoefer (Bauhaus University, Germany)
"Real-Time Adaptive Radiometric Compensation"

2006 Grand Finals Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Danny Dig, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Toward Automatic Upgrade of Component-Based Applications"

Second Place: Yaling Yang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Interference-aware Loop-free Routing For Mesh Networks"

Third Place: David Janzen, University of Kansas
"Software Architecture Improvement through Test-Driven Development"

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Yuki Mori, University of Tokyo
"Automatic Cross-Sectioning Using 3D Field Topology Analysis"

Second Place: Scott Hale, Eckerd College
"Unsupervised Thresholding Morphological Processing for Automatic Fin-outline Extraction in DARWIN (Digital Analysis and Recognition of Whale Images on a Network)"

Third Place: Jeffrey Adair, Hiram College
"Locating, Tracking, and Interpreting Ean-13 Bar Code Waveforms in a Two-Dimensional Video Stream"

SIGCSE 2006 Winners

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Shiri Azenkot (Pomona College)
"An Evaluation of the Edit-Distance-With-Moves Similarity Metric for Comparing Genetic Sequences"

Second Place: Scott Hale (Eckerd College)
"Unsupervised Thresholding and Morphological Processing for Automatic Fin-outline Extraction"

Third Place: Jeffrey Adair (Hiram College)
"Locating, Tracking, and Interpreting EAN-13 Bar Code Waveforms in a Two-dimensional Video Stream"

Graduate Category

Purvi Shah (University of Houston)
"Fast Fourier Transforms on High Performance Computing Systems"

OOPSLA 2005 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Danny Dig
Using Refractorings to Automatically Update Component-Based Applications

Second Place: Uri Dekel
Supporting Distributed Software Design Meetings: What Can We Learn from Co-located Meetings?

Tie for Third Place: David Janzen
Software Architecture Improvement through Test-Driven Development


Ruth Lennon
Optimization of Service Provision for Composite Website Services (CWS)

SIGGRAPH 2005 Winners

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Yuki Mori

Second Place: Toshiya Hachisuka

Graduate Category

First Place: Tiberiu Popa

Second Place: Daniel Keefe

Third Place: Masanori Kakimoto

MobiCom 2005 Winners

Graduate Category Only

First Place: Joel Koshy

Second Place: Albert F. Harris, III

Third Place: Yaling Yang

2005 Grand Finals Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Jane Tougas, Dalhousie University
Updating the Partial SVD: Making LSI Run Faster

Second Place: Kulesh Shanmugasundaram, Polytechnic University
ForNet: A Distributed Forensic Network

Third Place: Tao Xie, University of Washington at Seattle
Automatic Identification of Common and Special Object-Oriented Unit Tests

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Eric Bodden, RWTH Aachen University
Efficient and Expressive Runtime Verification for Java

Second Place: Spiros Xanthos, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Clustering Object-Oriented Software Systems Using Spectral Graph Partitioning

Third Place: Kamil Wnuk, Harvey Mudd College
Dense 3D Mapping with Monocular Vision

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