SIGCSE’07 2007 Winners

Graduate Category only

First Place: Jiang Zheng, North Carolina State University
On Regression Testing COTS-based Applications

Second Place: Seiji Isotani, Osaka University
Using Ontologies to Develop Theory-aware Collaborative Learning Applications

Third Place: Ewa Misiolek, University of Notre Dame
Two Flow Network Simplification Algorithms

Undergraduate Winner

First Place: Anthony Gitter, Arizona State University
Biomedical Information Extraction Through Deep Parsing and Syntactic Role Matching

Second Place: Maria A. Kazandjieva, Mt. Holyoke College
Economic Models for Resource Sharing in Wireless Networks

Third Place: Christopher Earl, Ohio Wesleyan University
Shared Shortest Paths


SC’06 SRC 2006 Winners

Graduate Category only

First Place: Benjamin C Lee, Harvard University
“Statistical Inference for Efficient Microarchitectural and Application Analysis”

Second Place: Jik-Soo Kim, University of Maryland at College Park
“Employing Peer-to-Peer Services for Robust Grid Computing”

Third Place: Taiga Nakamura, University of Maryland
“HPCBugBase: An Experience Base for HPC Defects”


ASSETS SRC 2006 Winners

Graduate Category only

First Place: Joshua Hailpern, Carnegie Mellon University
“WISE: A Wizard Interface Supporting Enhanced Usability”

Second Place: Yevgen Borodin, Stony Brook University
“A Flexible VXML Interpreter for Non-Visual Web Access”

Third Place: Murni Mahmud, University Of Manchester, UK
“A Mixed Method For Evaluating Input Devices With Older Persons”


OOPSLA SRC 2006 Winners

Graduate Category only

First Place: George Fairbanks, Carnegie Mellon University
"Design Fragments Make Framework Use Easier"

Second Place: Emerson Murphy-Hill, Portland State University
"Improving Usability Of Refactoring Tools"

Third Place: Dario Correal, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
"Definition And Execution Of Multiple Viewpoints In Workflow Processes"


Grace Hopper Conference Celebrating Women in Computing SRC 2006 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Laura Chiticariu
"A non-intrusive Data-driven Approach to Debugging Schema Mapping for Data Exchange"

Second Place: Bowen Hui
"Decision- Theoretic Intelligent Assistance"

Third Place: Jhilmil Jain
"Extensible and Dynamic Data Stucture Viewers in Java"

Undergraduate Winner

Erica Yuan-Ting Huang
"Mobile phone keypad design for Fast Chinese Text Entry by Phonetic Spelling"


MOBICOM 2006 Winners

Graduate Category

First Place: Vivek Shrivastava
"On the (In)Feasibility of Fine Grained Transmit Power Control"

Second Place: Robin Snader
"Energy-Efficient Frame Dropping Policies for Multimedia"

Third Place: Vishnu Navda
"Deflect: Interference-aware Fast Path Adaptation in Wireless Mesh Networks"

Undergraduate Winner

Michael Ford
"Opportunistic Bandwidth Allocation with SDR"


SIGGRAPH 2006 Winners

Coordinators: Mike McGrath, Barbara Cutler

Graduate Category

First Place: Wenjin Zhou (Brown University)
"Perceptual Coloring and 2D Sketching for Segmentation of Neural Pathways"

Second Place: Zeki Melek (Texas A&M University)
"Bending Burning Matches and Crumpling Burning Paper"

Third Place: Makoto Okabe (University of Tokyo)
"Illumination Brush: Interactive Design of Image-based Lighting"

Undergraduate Winner

Anselm Grundhoefer (Bauhaus University, Germany)
"Real-Time Adaptive Radiometric Compensation"


2006 Grand Finals Winners

Coordinator: Ann Sobel, Miami University,

Graduate Category

First Place: Danny Dig
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Toward Automatic Upgrade of Component-Based Applications"

Second Place: Yaling Yang
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Interference-aware Loop-free Routing For Mesh Networks""

Third Place: David Janzen
University of Kansas
"Software Architecture Improvement through Test-Driven Development"

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Yuki Mori
University of Tokyo
"Automatic Cross-Sectioning Using 3D Field Topology Analysis"

Second Place: Scott Hale
Eckerd College
"Unsupervised Thresholding Morphological Processing for Automatic Fin-outline Extraction in DARWIN (Digital Analysis and Recognition of Whale Images on a Network)"

Third Place: Jeffrey Adair
Hiram College
"Locating, Tracking, and Interpreting Ean-13 Bar Code Waveforms in a Two-Dimensional Video Stream"


SIGCSE 2006 Winners

Coordinator: Ann Sobel Miami University, Ohio

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Shiri Azenkot (Pomona College)
"An Evaluation of the Edit-Distance-With-Moves Similarity Metric for Comparing Genetic Sequences"

Second Place: Scott Hale (Eckerd College)
"Unsupervised Thresholding and Morphological Processing for Automatic Fin-outline Extraction"

Third Place: Jeffrey Adair (Hiram College)
"Locating, Tracking, and Interpreting EAN-13 Bar Code Waveforms in a Two-dimensional Video Stream"

Graduate Winner

Purvi Shah (University of Houston)
"Fast Fourier Transforms on High Performance Computing Systems"


SIGPLAN SRC at OOPSLA 2005 Winners

Coordinator: Dirk Siebert (Leipzig University)

(Graduate category only.)

First Place: Danny Dig
Using Refractorings to Automatically Update Component-Based Applications

Second Place: Uri Dekel
Supporting Distributed Software Design Meetings: What Can We Learn from Co-located Meetings?

Tie for Third Place: David Janzen
Software Architecture Improvement through Test-Driven Development


Ruth Lennon
Optimization of Service Provision for Composite Website Services (CWS)


SIGGRAPH 2005 Winners

Coordinator: Cindy Grimm (Washington University in St. Louis)

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Yuki Mori
Second Place: Toshiya Hachisuka

Graduate Category

First Place: Tiberiu Popa
Second Place: Daniel Keefe
Third Place: Masanori Kakimoto


MobiCom 2005 Winners

Coordinators: Haiyun Luo (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and Dirk Westhoff (NEC Research Europe)

(Graduate category only.)

First Place: Joel Koshy
Second Place: Albert F. Harris, III
Third Place: Yaling Yang


2005 Grand Finals Winners

Coordinator: Ann Sobel, Miami University,

Graduate Category

First Place: Jane Tougas
Dalhousie University
Updating the Partial SVD: Making LSI Run Faster

Second Place: Kulesh Shanmugasundaram
Polytechnic University
ForNet: A Distributed Forensic Network

Third Place: Tao Xie
University of Washington at Seattle
Automatic Identification of Common and Special Object-Oriented Unit Tests

Undergraduate Category

First Place: Eric Bodden
RWTH Aachen University
Efficient and Expressive Runtime Verification for Java>
Second Place: Spiros Xanthos
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Clustering Object-Oriented Software Systems Using Spectral Graph Partitioning

Third Place: Kamil Wnuk
Harvey Mudd College
Dense 3D Mapping with Monocular Vision


Past SRC Winners