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CHI 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Yongsung Kim, Northwestern University
"Libero: On-the-go Crowdsourcing for Package Delivery"

Second Place: Ahreum Lee, Hanyang University
"Challenges for Wearable Computers: Understanding of the meaning behind photo taking"

Third Place: Kirsten Alisa Smith, University of Aberdeen
"Digital Flower: Assessing the Supportiveness of Gift Emoticons in Care Scenarios"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Pedro Kirk, Goldsmiths College
"Can Specialized Electronic Musical Instruments Aid Stroke Rehabilitation?"

Second Place: Anji Ren, MIT
"Pull-to-Refresh and Learn: Leveraging Mobile Email Load Time for Education"

Third Place: Zachary T. Allen, Northwestern University
"GAZE: Using Mobile Devices to Promote Discovery and Data Collection"

SAC 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Joerg Schloetterer, University of Passau
"From Context to Query"

Second Place: Swapnajit Chakraborti, Indian Institute of Management Indore
"Multi-Document Text Summarization for Competitor Intelligence: A Methodology Based on Topic Identification and Artificial Bee Colony Optimization"

Third Place: Murad Khan, Kyungpook National University
"Multi-Criteria Based Vertical Handover Decision in Heterogeneous Wireless Network"

ASPLOS 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Gennady Pechimenko, Carnegie Mellon University
"Energy-Efficient Data Compression for GPU Memory Systems"

Second Place: Charlie Curtsinger, UMass, Amherst
"Causal Profiling:Finding Optimizations that Count"

Third Place: Ali Javadiabhari, Princeton University
"Fine- Grain, Compile-time Optimizations of Communication Bandwiths in a Tiled Quantum Architecture"

Modularity 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Thomas Degueule, IRISA - INRIA
"Towards Language Interfaces for DSLs Integration"

Second Place: Arik Hadas, Open University of Israel
"A Language Workbench for Creating Production-Ready Extensions to AspectJ"

Third Place: Leonardo Passos, University of Waterloo
"Uncovering the Practice of Feature Scattering"

Honorable Mention: Bahram Zarrin, Technical University of Denmark
"Towards Separation of Concerns in Scientific Workflows"

SICCSE 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: David Weintrop, Northwestern University
"Minding the Gap Between Blocks-Based and Text-Based Programming"

Second Place: Hannah Blau, University of Massachusetts
" FrenchPress Gives Students Automated Feedback on Java Program Flaws"

Third Place: Austin Bart, Virginia Tech
"Situating Computational Thinking with BigData: Pedagogy and Technology"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Thomas Effland, SUNY, University of Buffalo
"Focused Retrieval of University Course Descriptions from Highly Variable Sources"

Second Place: Matt Bowen, University of Alabama
"Mobile Velocity Estimation - MoVVE"

Third Place: Lindsey Press, Villanova University
"Selection in 3D Graphics Environments"

CGO 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: William Ogilvie, University of Edinburgh
"Intelligent Heuristic Construction with Active Learning"

Second Place: Niranjan Hasabnis, Stony Brook University
"Employing Code Generators as De-code Generators: A Novel Approach for Assembly to IR Translation"

Third Place: Riyadh Baghdadi, KU Leuven
"Extending the Scope of Polyhedral Compilation: Progresses in Handling Irregular Codes and in Scalability"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Tharindu Rusira, University of Moratuwa
"Auto-tuning the HotSpot JVM"

POPL 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ezgi Cicek, Max Planck Institut
"Refinement Types for Incremental Computational Complexity"

Second Place: Siddharth Krishna, New York University
"Learning Linear Invariants using Decision Trees"

Third Place: Marko Doko, Max Planck Institut
"FSL: A Logic for Reasoning about Memory Fences"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Anjjan Narayan, NMAM Institute Of Technology
"Crystal Gomes and Rithesh Prabhu String Sorting on the GPU using Hybrid Algorithms"

FSE 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Lu Xiao, Drexel University
"Detecting and Preventing the Architectural Roots of Bugs"

Second Place: Xin Yang, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
"Social Network Analysis in Open Source Software Peer Review"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Shuo Song, Nanjing University
"Estimating the Effectiveness of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization"

SC 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Amanda Bienz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Reducing Network Contention Associated with Parallel Algebraic Mulitgrid"

Second Place: Gagan Gupta, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Scalable Fault Tolerance in Multiprocessor Systems"

Third Place: Arif Khan, Purdue University
"Computing Approximate b-Matchings in Large Graphs and an Application to k-Anonymity"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Sean McDaniel, University of Delaware
"Comparing Decoupled I/O Kernels versus Real Traces in the I/O Analysis
of the HACC Scientific Applications on Large-Scale Systems"

Second Place: Dylan Wang, University of California, Davis
"Performance Variability due to Job Placement on Edison"

Third Place: Ian Bertolacci, Colorado State University
"Orthogonal Scheduling of Stencil Computations with Chapel Iterators"

ICCAD 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Shupeng Sun, Carnegie Mellon University
"Fast Statistical Analysis of Rare Circuit Failure Events in High-Dimensional Variation Space"

Second Place: Ping Chi, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Facilitating PCRAM and STT-RAM as Next-Generation Memories: Architecture- and Application-Level Perspectives"

Third Place: Third Place: Wujie Wen, University of Pittsburgh
"Error Characterization and Correction Techniques for Reliable STT-RAM Designs"

ASSETS 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Benjamin Gorman, University of Dundee
"VisAural: a wearable sound localization device"

Second Place: Vikas Ashok, Stony Brook University
"Capti-Speak: A Speech Enabled Accessible Web Interface"

Third Place: Valentyn Melnyk, Stony Brook University
"Accessible Web Chat Interface"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Mitchell Gordon, University of Rochester
"Web Accessibility Evaluation with the Crowd"

Second Place: Nata Barbosa, Syracuse University
"Strategies an Inclusive Authentication Framework"

SPLASH 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Martin Velez, University of California, Davis
"A Study of "Wheat" and "Chaff" in Source Code"

Second Place: Devin Coughlin, University of Colorado, Boulder
"Analysis with Type-Intertwined Separation Logic"

Third Place: Pascal Wittmann, TU Darmstadt
"A Language for the Specification and Efficient Implementation of Type Systems"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Santiago Gonzalez, Colorado School of Mines
"Improved Program Synthesis Through the Use of Packages"

Second Place: Dylan Bates, Coker College
"Recommending More Efficient Workflows to Software Developers"

Third Place: Brett Boston, University of Washington
"Quality Types for Approximate Programming"

Grace Hopper 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Snigdha Chaturvedi, University of Maryland
"Instructor's Intervention in MOOC forums"

Second Place: Komal Kapoor, University of Minnesota
"A Model for Satiation with Familiar Content and its Application to Recommendation"

Third Place: Larissa Suzuki, University College London
"A linked data platform ecosystem for the realization of smart and sustainable cities"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Shannon N. Lubetich, Pomona College
"Eve Eat Dust Mop: Measuring Syntactic Development in Child Language with
Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning"

Second Place: Emma Harrington, Williams College
"Using Escape Analysis in Dynamic Data Race Detection"

Third Place: Adedayo Oluokun, Obafemi Awolowo University
"Development of a Text-to-Speech Synthesis System For Yoruba Language"

MODELS 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Jonathan Corley, The University of Alabama
"Exploring Omniscient Debugging for Model Transformations"

Second Place: Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Charles University
"Model-Driven Design of Ensemble-Based Component Systems"

Third Place: Adrian Juan-Verdejo, University of Stuttgart
"Model-Driven Engineering Meets the Platform-as-a-Service Model"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Jianan Yue, Nanjing University
"Transition from EBNF to Xtext"

Second Place: Jesus Benede, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
"Towards the Automatic Resolution of Architectural Variability in Software
Product Line Architectures through Model Transformations"

MobiCom 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Omid Abari, MIT
"Clock Synchronization for Distributed Wireless Protocols at the Physical Layer"

Second Place: Robert LiKamWa, Xi'an Jiaotong University of China
"Retrofitting Computer Vision Libraries for Concurrent Support on Mobile Devices"

Third Place: Tianxing Li, Dartmouth College
"Hiding Bits in Pixel Translucency Changes"

ICFP 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Tomas Petricek, University of Cambridge
"F# Data: Making structured data first-class citizens"

Second Place: Ruud Koot, Utrecht University
"Higher-Ranked Exception Types"

Third Place: Alejandro Serrano, Utrecht University
"Branching, disjointness and injectivity for OUTSIDEIN(X)""

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Sherry Shanshan Ruan, McGill University
"Structural Recursion over Contextual Objects"

Second Place: Jonathan Brachthauser, University of Marburg
"Typesafe Extensible Functional Objects"

Third Place: Hamidhasan Ahmed, University of Pennsylvania
"Explicit Type Application"

PACT 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Harshvardhan, University of Texas A&M
"Processing Big Data Graphs on Memory-Restricted Systems"

Second Place: Jeeva Paudel, University of Alberta
"Stratified Sampling for Even Workload Partitioning"

Third Place:Sudharsan J, IIT - Madras
"Data Remapping for an Energy Efficient Burst Chop in DRAM Memory Systems"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Serguei Makarov, University of Toronto
"An Event-Based Language for Dynamic Binary Translation Frameworks"

Second Place: Tejaswi Agarwal, University of Missouri-Columbia
"Design fo a hybrid MPI-CUDA benchmark suite for CPU-GPU clusters"

SIGCOMM 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: John Rula, Northwestern University
"Behind the Curtain: The importance of replica selection in next generation cellular networks"

Second Place: Arash Molavi, Northeastern University
"Identifying Traffic Differentiation on Cellular Data Networks"

Third Place:Sajad Shirali-Shahreza, University of Toronto
"Traffic Statistic Collection with FleXam"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Angela Jiang, Northwestern University
"A cliq of content curators"

Second Place: Yuliang LI, Tsinghua University
"FlowInsight: Decoupling Visibility from Operability in SDN Data Plane"

SIGGRAPH 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: C. Antonio Sanchez, University of British Columbia
"PolyMerge: a fast finite-element-based approach for hex-dominant mesh generation"

Second Place: Andrew Ho, University of British Columbia
"3D Dynamic Visualization of Swallowing from Multi-Slice Computed Tomography"

Third Place:George Koulieris, Technical University of Crete
"C-LOD: Context-aware Material Level-of-Detail for Mobile Graphics"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Xi Chen, University of New South Wales
"PDSS - Pre-Integrated Deferred Subsurface Scattering"

Second Place:Or Avrahamy, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
"From Pain to Happiness: interpolating meaningful gait patterns"

Third Place:Hisatka Suzuki, Kanagawa Institute of Technology
"ExPixel: PixelShader for Multiplex image hiding on consumer 3D flat"

PLDI 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Emma Tosch, University of Massachusetts
"Programming and Debugging Surveys"

Second Place: Veselin Raychev, ETH Zurich
"Probabilistic Name and Type Inference"

Third Place:Khan Nguyen, University of California, Irvine
"FACADE: A Compiler and Runtime for (Almost) Object-Bounded Big Data Applications"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Matthew Loring, Cornell University
"Generics in Jif"

ICSE 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Alexander Tarvo, Brown University
"Automatic performance modeling of multithreaded programs"

Second Place: Abhishek Bichhawat, Saarland University
"Exception handling for dynamic information flow control"

Third Place:Asankhaya Sharma, National University of Singapore
"Exploiting undefined behaviors for efficient symbolic execution"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Alejandro Infante, University of Chile
"Identifying caching opportunities, effortlessly"

Second Place:Alex Shaw, Auburn University
"Program transformations to fix C buffer overflows"

CHI 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Nicola Dell, University of Washington
"A Mobile Point-of-Care Diagnostic System for Low-Resource Settings"

Second Place: Veronica Ahumada Newhart, University of California, Irvine
"Virtual Inclusion Via Telepresence Robots in the Classroom"

Third Place:Bertrand Schneider, Stanford University
"The Perceptual Benefits of a Tangible Interface Decrease with Users' Expertise"

Undergraduate Category
First Place:Kyoungwon Seo, Hanyang University
"Autonomy-based Rehabilitation Design: Balancing Capability and Complexity"

Second Place:Sarah Weir, MIT
"Learnersourcing Subgoal Labels for How-to Videos"

Third Place:Hiroki Nozaki, Keio University
"Flying Display: A Movable Display Pairing Projector and Screen in the Air"

AOSD 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Daco Harkes, Delft Techcnial University
"Relations - A first class relationship and first class derivations programming language"

Second Place: Sora Bae, KAIST, Republic of Korea
"Practical Concolic Testing for JavaScript Applications"

Third Place: Jihyeok Park, KAIST, Republic of Korea
"JavaScript API Misuse Detection by Using TypeScript"

SAC 2014 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Steven Te Brinke, University of Twente, Netherlands
"Interpreting Energy Profiles with CEGAR"

Second Place: Rafael Perazzo Barbosa Mota, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Mechanisms to Ensure Quality of Service for the Internet of Thing"

Third Place: Vanessa N. Cooper, Kennesaw State University
"Android Malware Detection based on Kullback-Leibler Divergence"

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