Winners Past Years' Winners
POPL 2016 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Suguman Bansal, Rice University
"Reasoning about incentive compatibility"

Second Place: Calvin Smith, University of Wisconsin - Madison
"Synthesis with Respect to Normality"

Third Place: Maria A Schett, University of Innsbruck
"From Trees To Graphs: Understanding The Implications Of Sharing For Rewriting"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Joey Eremondi, Utrecht University
"Polyvariant Pattern Match Analysis with Implication Constraints"

SC 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Amir Gholami, University of Texas at Austin
"AccFFT: A New Parallel FFT Library for CPU and GPU Architectures"

Second Place: Na Zhang, Stony Brook University
"Efficient Multiscale Platelets Modeling Using Supercomputers"

Third Place: Xiao Wang, Purdue Unviersity
"High Performance Model Based Image Reconstruction"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Adnan Haider, Illinois Institute of Technology
"Lessons from Post-Processing Climate Data on Modern Flash-Based HPC Systems"

Second Place: Luther D. Martin, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
"Optimization Strategies for Materials Science Applications on Cori: An Intel Knights Landing, Many Integrated Core Architecture"

Third Place: Tiffany A. Connors, Texas State University
"Modeling the Impact of Thread Configuration on Power and Performance of GPUs"

ICCAD 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Onur Sahin, Boston University
"Pushing QoS-Awareness into Thermal Management for Sustainable User Experience in Mobile Devices"

Second Place: Fa Wang, Carnegie Mellon University
"Indirect Performance Sensing for On-Chip Self-Healing of Analog/RF Circuits"

Third Place:Marco Donato, Brown Unviersity
"A Fast Simulator for the Analysis of Sub-Threshold Thermal Noise Transients"

Undergraduate Category
Second Place: Jihoon Hyun, KAIST
"Power Allocation in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Array for a Residential Power "

ASSETS 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Lei Shi, Cornell Tech
"TALKABEL: A Labeling Method for 3D Printed Models"

Second Place: Shachar Maidenbaum,Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Sensory Substitution Training for Users who are Blind with Dynamic Stimuli, Games and Virtual Environments"

Third Place: Yashesh Gaur, Carnegie Mellon University
"The Effects of Automatic Speech Recognition Quality on Human Transcription Latency"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Michelle Hu, Cornell Tech
"Exploring New Paradigms for Accessible 3D Printed Graphs"

Second Place: Megan Hofmann, Colorado State University
"Making Connections: Modular 3D Printing for Designing Assistive Attachments to Prosthetic Devices"

SPLASH 2015 Winners
Graduate Category

First Place: Ragnar Mogk, TU Darmstadt
"Concurrency Control for Multithreaded Reactive Programming"

First Place(Tie):Swarnendu Biswas, Ohio State University
"Viser: Providing Serializability in Hardware With Simplified Cache Coherence"

Second Place: Alisa Maas, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Automatic Array Property Detection via Static Analysis"

Third Place: Minjia Zhang, Ohio State University
"SIRe: An Efficient Snapshot Isolation-based Memory Model for Detecting and Tolerating Region Conflicts"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Andrew Kofink, North Carolina State University
"Contributions of the Under- Appreciated:Gender Bias in an Open-Source Ecology"

PACT 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Miguel Angel Aguilar, Aachen University
"Unified Identification of Multiple Forms of Parallelism in Embedded Applications"

Second Place: Ahmad Hassan, Queen's University of Belfast
"Energy-Efficient Hybrid DRAM/NVM Main Memory"

Third Place: Jie Zhang, Yonsei University
"Integrating 3D Resistive Memory Cache into GPGPU for Energy-Efficient Data Processing"

Grace Hopper 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Risa Myers, Rice University
"Intracranial Pressure Crises:Predicting 30 Minutes Out"

Second Place: Junia Valente, University of Texas, Dallas
"Trustworthy Attestation of Untrusted Sensors"

Third Place: Alexandra Ferreron, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
"Exploiting Redundancy for Efficient Cache Operation at Near-threshold Voltages"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Jamie Lesser, Williams College
"Experimental Computer Graphics Microfacet Theory Validation"

Second Place: Leesha Maliakal, Northwestern University
"CrowdCheer: Situational Crowdsourcing of Motivation for Runners"

Third Place: Lisa Jones, US Military Academy at West Point
"Endgame Studies in Quantized Chess"

Models 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Ivan Ruchkin, Carnegie Mellon University
"Architectural and Analytic Integration of Cyber-Physical System Models"

Second Place: Amal Khalil, Queen's University, Canada
"Change-driven Incremental Symbolic Execution of Evolving State Machines"

Third Place: Loli Burgueno, University of Malaga, Spain
"Testing M2M/M2T/T2M Transformations"

MobiCom 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Puneet Jain, Duke University
"User Location Fingerprinting at Scale"

Second Place: Zhao Tian, Dartmouth College
"Visible Light Communication in the Dark"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Justin Chan, Dartmouth College
"WiPrint: 3D Printing Your Wireless Coverage"

Second Place: Matteo Pozza, University of Padua
"Mobile Data Offloading Testbed"

ESEC/FSE 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Christopher Theisen, North Carolina State University
"Automated Attack Surface Approximation"

Second Place: Kevin Moran, College of William and Mary
"Enhancing Android Application Bug Reporting"

Third Place: Martin Konopka, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
"Combining Eye Tracking with Navigation Paths for Identification of Cross-Language Code Dependencies"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Shuktika Jain, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi
"Automated Generation of Programming Language Quizzes"

Second Place: Thomas White, The University of Sheffield
"Increasing the Efficiency of Search-Based Unit Test Generation using Parameter Control"

ICFP 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Jennifer Paykin, University of Pennsylvania
"Curry-Howard for Callbacks"

Second Place: Cyrus Omar, Carnegie Mellon University
"Modular Syntax"

Third Place: Robert Rand, University of Pennsylvania
"Verifying Probabilistic Programs in the Presence of an Adversary"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Izzy Meckler, University of Chicago
"Synthesis with String Diagrams in Haskell"

Second Place: Kyle Headley, University of Maryland
"Sparse Adapton"

Third Place: Alberto Sadde, University of York, UK
"Functional GPU Programming: A Comparison between Obsidian and Accelerate"

SIGCOMM 2015 Winner
Graduate Category
First Place: Heidi Howard, University of Cambridge
"Coracle: Evaluating consensus at the internet edge"

SIGGRAPH 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Seungbae Bang, KAIST
"Interactive Rigging"

Second Place: Robert Gregor, University of Konstanz, Germany
"Fractured 3D Object Restoration and Completion"

Third Place: Yu Wang, University of Maryland
"Rigid Fluid"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Daniel Rakita, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Interring Gaze Shifts from Captured Body Motion"

Second Place: Ben Knowles, Bournemouth University
"Increasing Realism of animated grass in real-time environments"

Third Place: Shugo Yamaguchi, Waseda University
"BGMaker: Example-Based Anime Background Image Creation from a photograph"

SIGDOC 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Laura Gonzales, Michigan State Univeristy
"Portable Pedagogy: How Interaction Design Made Us Better Teachers"

Second Place: Daniel G. Cabrero, University of West London
"User-Created Persona: Namibian rural Otjiherero speakers"

Third Place: Joseph Yun, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
"What's a Better Category? Shavers or Father's Day Gifts?"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Angelia Giannone, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Picturing Information for Money: Visual Usage in Humanities-based Grant Applications"

Second Place: Elizabeth Oderkirk and Kimberly Jung, Michigan State University
"From Connect-Exchange to ConnectX: The (Iterative) Story of a Mobile App"

Third Place: Mikal Post, Marist College
"The Impact of the Interface: Responding to Student Writing in CMS's"

PLDI 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Swarnendu Biswas, Ohio State University
"Low Overhead Region Conflict Detection"

Second Place: Jake Roemer, Ohio State University
"Effective Scheduling for Adversarial Memory"

Third Place: Adarsh Yoga, Rutgers University
"Precise Detection of Atomicity Violations in Structured Parallel Programs"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Jeevana Inala, MIT
"Type Assisted Synthesis of Programs with Algebraic Data types"

Second Place: Alex Reinking, Yale University
"A type-directed approach to program repair"

Third Place: Jack Feser, Rice University
"Unification and Partial Eval. For Component-Based Synthesis"

ICSE 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Mario Linares-Vasquez, The College of William and Mary
"Enabling Testing of Android Apps"

Second Place: Javier Ricardo Escobar-Avila, Florida State University
"Automatic Categorization of Software Libraries Using Bytecode"

Third Place: Fabio Palomba, University of Salerno, Italy
"Textual Analysis for Code Smell Detection"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Caroline Lemieux, University of British Columbia, Canada
"Mining Temporal Properties of Data Invariants"

Second Place: Pascal Roos, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
"Fast and Precise Statistical Code Completion"

MobileSoft 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Maria Gomez, Inria Lille Nord Europe
"Debugging of Mobile Apps in the Wild Guided by the Wisdom of Crowds"

Second Place: Zheng Song, Virginia Tech
"Programming Support for Seamless Resource Sharing across Heterogeneous"

Third Place: Felix Javier Acero Salazar, Politecnico di Milano
"Bridging the Gap Between the Platform Independent Models of Mobile Applications and Native MVC Code"

CHI 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Yongsung Kim, Northwestern University
"Libero: On-the-go Crowdsourcing for Package Delivery"

Second Place: Ahreum Lee, Hanyang University
"Challenges for Wearable Computers: Understanding of the meaning behind photo taking"

Third Place: Kirsten Alisa Smith, University of Aberdeen
"Digital Flower: Assessing the Supportiveness of Gift Emoticons in Care Scenarios"

Undergraduate Category
First Place: Pedro Kirk, Goldsmiths College
"Can Specialized Electronic Musical Instruments Aid Stroke Rehabilitation?"

Second Place: Anji Ren, MIT
"Pull-to-Refresh and Learn: Leveraging Mobile Email Load Time for Education"

Third Place: Zachary T. Allen, Northwestern University
"GAZE: Using Mobile Devices to Promote Discovery and Data Collection"

SAC 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Joerg Schloetterer, University of Passau
"From Context to Query"

Second Place: Swapnajit Chakraborti, Indian Institute of Management Indore
"Multi-Document Text Summarization for Competitor Intelligence: A Methodology Based on Topic Identification and Artificial Bee Colony Optimization"

Third Place: Murad Khan, Kyungpook National University
"Multi-Criteria Based Vertical Handover Decision in Heterogeneous Wireless Network"

ASPLOS 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Gennady Pechimenko, Carnegie Mellon University
"Energy-Efficient Data Compression for GPU Memory Systems"

Second Place: Charlie Curtsinger, UMass, Amherst
"Causal Profiling:Finding Optimizations that Count"

Third Place: Ali Javadiabhari, Princeton University
"Fine- Grain, Compile-time Optimizations of Communication Bandwiths in a Tiled Quantum Architecture"

Modularity 2015 Winners
Graduate Category
First Place: Thomas Degueule, IRISA - INRIA
"Towards Language Interfaces for DSLs Integration"

Second Place: Arik Hadas, Open University of Israel
"A Language Workbench for Creating Production-Ready Extensions to AspectJ"

Third Place: Leonardo Passos, University of Waterloo
"Uncovering the Practice of Feature Scattering"

Honorable Mention: Bahram Zarrin, Technical University of Denmark
"Towards Separation of Concerns in Scientific Workflows"

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