Can my SIG host an SRC at our conference?

Please visit the Host an SRC page for additional details, as well as information for hosting an SRC at your SIG Conference.

How do I participate in an SRC?

First, visit the Participate section of this website. In this section you will find the requirements of the SRCs and Grand Finals, as well as the particulars for each individual SRC. After reviewing these pages, should you still have comments or questions, please contact Nanette Hernandez, SRC Program Administrator.

What are the deadlines for participation in the SIG Conference hosted SRCs?

Each SIG Conference-hosted SRC will have its own deadline for participation. Please visit the submissions page,  for deadlines, schedules, and submission requirements for each SRC.

Do I have to be an active ACM Student Member to participate in an SRC?

Yes. If you'd like to join, please click here

Can I submit group work to an ACM SRC?

Team projects will be accepted from Undergraduate students. One person should be designated by the team to attend the conference and make the oral presentation. Should the designated presenter win first, second or third place in their respective competition only they will receive the medal and monetary award. Only individual research is accepted from Graduate (Masters or PhD program) students; group research projects will not be considered. If an individual is part of a group research project and wants to participate in an SRC, they can only present their part of the research. Only they will receive the monetary award (should they win).

Can I include a video or other supplementary material as part of my SRC submission?

Conference SRCs may provide for supplements, for which you should consult the conference's call for participation. However, we do not currently support supplements for submissions to the SRC Grand Finals papers.

Can I list my advisor as a co-author on my poster/talk/paper?

People who have overseen a project but are too senior to compete in the SRC (e.g., faculty or post-doc advisors for the graduate category, faculty or graduate student advisors for the undergraduate) may be listed as co-authors, but their role should be clearly identified as advisory; it's clearest to list these people in an "acknowledgements" section and not as co-authors if possible. Even if listed as co-authors, such people should have no more than an advisory or editorial role in writing the submission and may not have any role in presenting it.

Can already published works be submitted to an SRC?

Standard self-plagiarism rules are in effect for the SRC. If the research results have already appeared in a publication, prior to the SRC submission date, then they are not permitted to be submitted to an SRC for consideration. Furthermore, the same work may not be presented at an SRC and in another session in the same conference in the same year.

What kind of rewards and recognition can I expect for participation in an SRC?

There are many tangible and intangible rewards for participation, details can be found on the Awards page.

How will I know if I have been entered into the Grand Finals?

First place undergraduate and graduate student winners from the SRCs held during the year advance to the SRC Grand Finals. Notification of submission format and deadlines will be sent to the individual students in March of the program year. After a period of judging, the top entries will be notified via email that they have won.

How seriously should I take the length requirement for my Grand Finals paper?

5 pages is a hard limit, and includes all references, figures, and other content. 4000 words is an approximate limit. For estimating word count, do not include references, but do count each figure or table as 200 words.

Should I participate in the undergraduate or graduate competition?

If you are enrolled in a masters or doctoral degree program at the time of submission you must participate in the graduate competition; if you are enrolled in a program below the masters level at the time of submission, you must participate in the undergraduate competition. Essentially, you must compete under your student status at time of submission.

I will be graduating soon. Can I still submit my paper to the SRC/Grand Finals?

The author submitting the abstract must still be a student at the time the abstract is due. Essentially they are considered a student until they have successfully defended their thesis and graduated.

Does the submission to the Grand Finals have to be on the same topic I presented at the Sig Conference SRC?

Yes, it must be on the research submitted to the SRC.

At the Grand Finals can I discuss further results that I have found in my PhD research, or must I stick to only the work that I presented at the SRC last year?

You may include research up until the deadline of the submission.