General Judging Criteria

  1. Each student abstract will be evaluated by a minimum of three evaluators. If the evaluators are faculty members they should not be affiliated with the student's university. Evaluators can also be computing professionals who work in industry, government, etc. 
  2. A minimum of five evaluators are required for the poster session. They will be assigned to a group of student research projects.
  3. The following weights and measures will be used by a particular judge to evaluate the abstract/research:

    Scale for accepting the abstract:
    Problem and motivation: 5 points
    Background and related work: 5 points
    Approach and uniqueness: 10 points
    Results and contribution: 10 points

    Scale for evaluating the visual presentation of the research:
    Oral presentation: 10 points
    Visual presentation: 10 points
    Research methods: 15 points
    Significance of contribution: 10 points 

  4. The top five students in each category will advance to the semi-finals.

    Scale for evaluating the conference presentation of the research:
    Knowledge of research area: 15 points
    Contribution of research: 10 points
    Presentation: 10 points 
  5. A minimum of five judges will be assigned to the semi-finals. Each judge will rank their evaluations based on the assigned score. This ranking will be used to determine the finalists.