SRC Grand Finalists 2010


First Place:
Patrick Kelley - Carnegie Mellon University
    Title of Submission: A “Nutrition Label” for Privacy

Second Place:
Michal Tvarozek  - Slovak University of Technology
   Title of Submission: Personalized Exploratory Search in the Semantic Web

Third Place:
Tae-Joon Kim 
  Title of Submission: RACBVHs: Random-Accessible Compressed Bounding Volume Hierarchies


First Place:
Manasi Vartak - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Grace Hopper 2009
  Title of Submission: QueryOriented Relaxation for Cardinality Assurance

Second Place:
Diego Cavalcanti - Federal University of Campina Grande
  Title of Submission: Improving Safety When Refactoring AspectOriented Programs 

Third Place:
Eric Drewniak - Wheaton College
  Title of Submission: Unsupervised Discovery of Motifs Under Uniform Amplitude Scaling and Shifting in Time Series Databases

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