How Sharing My Ideas Helped Me

“SRC was a great way to perfect my five-minute research pitch, present my ideas to a large and diverse audience, and gain confidence in answering questions about my work ” 

—Heather Underwood, University of Colorado, Boulder
CHI 2012 SRC

“This is a fantastic way to meet leaders and rising talents in the graphics field. I recommend participation for aspiring researchers; it's a wonderful opportunity to have ideas critiqued by the wider community.” 

—Matthew Hirsch, MIT Media Lab
Siggraph 2012 SRC

“A fantastic opportunity to present my work to computing researchers and companies! I found the experience of communicating and receiving feedback in a professional environment invaluable” 

—Kayo Teramoto, Yale University 
SC 2012 SRC

"Participating in the SRC allowed me to discuss the finer points of my research with professionals from my community, which has given me confidence in mapping out the final stages of my PhD."

— Mark Zarb, University of Dundee

“ The SRC provided incredible benefits. I gained exposure and feedback, increased my confidence in my presentation, and interacted with brilliant and fascinating students, faculty, and members of industry.”

—Mairin Chesney, Michigan State University
Grace Hopper 2012 SRC

“A formative experience! The competition was a valuable opportunity to share my research findings with highly skilled scientists. Their feedback confirmed community interest for my topic and methodology ” 

—Pietro Marchetti, Universitf of Napoli

“The SRC not only enabled me to get valuable feedback on my work, but it helped secure additional funding to develop it further and make it accessible to a greater audience.” 

— Peter Dely, Karlstad University (Sweden)
MobiCom 2012 SRC

ACM Student Research Competition