How Sharing My Ideas Helped Me

"Participating in the ACM SRC gave me confidence in my research and technical experiences. Receiving feedback during my presentation helped me improve my work and develop my communication skills. It was a fantastic opportunity to present in English at an international conference for the first time and to connect with other researchers during the competition. I really admire the program because it gives opportunity and support so that anyone worldwide can apply and attend the conference. I strongly recommend other undergraduate students submit their research to the competition."

Ana Solórzano, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
Grace Hopper 2019

"The ACM SRC provided me an excellent opportunity to showcase my research work and solicit feedback from experts in my field. Winning this competition gave a boost to my confidence and motivated me to make a greater impact to my field. In addition, I enjoyed learning about other research areas from fellow participants and made several connections. Thus, I am extremely grateful for the organizers of this competition who provided me an opportunity to present my work. I would strongly encourage undergraduate and graduate students to participate!"

Peter Zhi Xuan Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The ACM SRC made it possible for me to experience the world of research in my field of interest, far more broadly than I had previously been able to from my home institution. At the conference, I was able not only to hear from and talk to prominent researchers and fellow students, but also to better understand my possible future career paths as I prepared to apply to graduate schools. I am incredibly grateful to my mentors for guiding me to participate in this opportunity. If you're a student interested in research, I highly recommend you apply!"

Samuel Estep, Liberty University

"It is an excellent chance for me to participate in the ACM SRC to present my work, and I got much valuable feedback from experts and peers. Moreover, I practiced my communication and presenting skills, laying a solid foundation for my future research life. I also made friends with outstanding students from all over the world who are interested in scientific research. I strongly recommend ACM SRC to all undergraduate and graduate students because it is a perfect platform for all of us to exchange ideas and make improvements."

Shengcheng Yu, Nanjing University
ASE 2019

"ACM SRC was a high-visibility platform for sharing research ideas. It was exciting to meet people who share similar interests and get their perspective and thoughts on ideas we presented. We got exposed to the best collection of research work, arts, and emerging technologies. It would be really difficult for our team to recall an instance where we got bored. Rather, the challenge was to choose between multiple, equally enticing events. My heartfelt thanks to my team and ACM for organizing this platform!"

Sai Ganesh, Texas A&M University, College Station

"Participating in the ACM SRC was a phenomenal experience for me. As an undergraduate student, it gave me the opportunity to present my work to experts in the field and seek valuable feedback. Interacting with researchers and fellow participants at the conference was a great learning experience and allowed me to network as well. The SRC is a great way to broaden one's horizons and I would strongly encourage student researchers to participate in it."

Milind Srivastav, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
ICCAD 2019

"The SRC was a great opportunity to present our work-in-progress research results to leading experts in the community. I appreciated the different kinds of presentations — extended abstract, poster, and talk — which gave me the opportunity of getting different kinds of feedback. All in all, the SRC was a great experience to both make new connections and discuss early-stage results with expert researchers. "

Ari Rasch, University of Muenster, Germany
CGO 2020

ACM Student Research Competition

The ACM Student Research Competition is an internationally recognized venue enabling undergraduate and graduate students to experience the research world, share research results and exchange ideas, rub shoulders with academic and industry luminaries, understand the practical applications of their research and gain recognition.