How Sharing My Ideas Helped Me

“Participating in the SRC was an amazing opportunity. It was my first time attending any conference, and it really showed me how to pitch my research project, and interact with other researchers. I will carry this experience with me in my future academic and professional endeavors.” 

— Michele Hu,Cornell Tech

“The ACM SRC is an excellent platform to present your ongoing research and get feedback from experienced people in the community. It helps you improve your research and presentation skills, and lets you gauge the interest of the community in your ongoing research work. ” 

—Swarnendu Biswas, Ohio State University
PLDI 2015

“The ACM SRC has been an extraordinary opportunity to expose my research and get feedback from an audience of experts in my field. What makes SRC a unique and integral experience is that along the phases of the competition, not only the research work itself is evaluated but also the soft skills of the participants.” 

—Miguel Angel Aguilar, RWTH Aachen University
PACT 2015

“The SPLASH 2015 SRC presented an opportunity to experience work in software engineering and to practice presentation and discussion skills. Conversations with fellow students and researchers about opportunities in the field will guide my future for years to come.”

—Andrew Kofink, North Carolina State University

“SRC provided me a unique opportunity of showcasing early stage research work to the pioneers of the community. The constructive feedback and excitement received during SRC later led to a broader and stronger piece of future work. Since it's organized in a competitive manner and judged by experts, it helps one in both the technical as well as communication fronts. ” 

—Puneet Jain, Duke University
MobiCom 2015

“The ACM SRC was a fantastic opportunity to get my research in front of expert researchers who would not otherwise have seen it. I received invaluable feedback on both my research direction and my presentation and communication skills that will serve me well going forward. Later in my career, I hope I have the opportunity to participate in future SRCs as a judge and mentor to pay it forward to the generation after mine.” 

— Christopher Theisen, North Carolina State University
FSE 2015  

“ACM SRC gives students an incentive to think about questions beyond the daily focus: Why am I doing this research? How does it impact society? Why should other researchers care? Which future directions to pursue? Eventually, each researcher will need to answer these questions in their career, and it is helpful to face them early in the SRC.” 

—Ivan Ruchkin, Carnegie Mellon University
MODELS 2015  

ACM Student Research Competition