ACM SRC Grand Finals Candidates, 2013 - 2014


Aadithya V. Karthik - UC Berkeley
ICCAD 2013
    Title of Submission: ABCD: Accurate Booleanization of Continuous Dynamical Systems for Analog/Mixed-signal Design​

Ali Mustafa Zaidi - University of Cambridge
PACT 2013
    Title of Submission: Exposing ILP in Custom Hardware with a Dataflow Compiler IR

Dan Levin - TU Berlin
    Title of Submission: Incremental SDN Deployment in Enterprise Networks

Deepak Majeti - Rice University
CGO 2014
    Title of Submission: Habanero C: A Portable Programming Model for Heterogeneous Processors

Ehsan Totoni - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
SC 2013
    Title of Submission: Structure-Aware Parallel Algorithm for Solution of Sparse Triangular Linear Systems

Hugo Akitaya - University of Tsukuba
    Title of Submission: Generating Folding Sequences from Crease Patterns of Flat-Foldable Origami

Karolina Zurowska - Queen's University
    Title of Submission: Domain Specific Analysis of State machine Models of Reactive Systems

Michael Crabb - University of Dundee
CHI 2013
    Title of Submission: The Use of Age, Technology Usage, and Cognitive Characteristices in Relation to User Perceived Disorientation

Peter Ohmann - University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Title of Submission: Cores, Debugging and Coverage

Sai Zhang - University of Washington
ICSE 2013
    Title of Submission: ConfDiagnoser: An Automated Configuration Error Diagnosis Tool for Java Software

Somayeh SardashtiUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
    Title of Submission: Exploiting Spatial Locality for Energy-Optimized Compressed Caching

Tan Zhang - University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Title of Submission: A Vehicle-based Measurement Framework for Enhancing Whitespace Spectrum Databases

Vu Le - UC Davis
PLDI 2013
    Title of Submission: Program Synthesis via Reverse Parsing


Zalia Shams - Virginia Tech
    Title of Submission: Evaluating Quality of Student-Written Tests



Amna AlZeyara - Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
    Title of Submission: Culturally Driven Facial Expressions for an Arab 3D Agent

Bernd Huber -  KIST
CHI 2013
    Title of Submission: Detecting User Intention at Public Displays from Foot Positions

Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff - Stanford University
    Title of Submission: Development of Automatically Verifiable Systems using Data Representation Synthesis

Carlo Del Mundo Virginia Tech
SC 2013
    Title of Submission: Towards a Performance-Portable FFT Library for Heterogeneous Computing

James Bornholt - Australian National University
PLDI 2013
    Title of Submission: UncertainT: A First-Order Type for Uncertain Data

John Hirdt - St. Joseph's College
    Title of Submission: Network Analysis of Nuclear Databases


Mayu YamashitaKeio University
    Title of Submission:  Computer-Augmented Stationeries for Human-Skill Support

Robert Feldmann - Technion, Israel
    Title of Submission: Complexity- and Performance Analysis of Different Controller Implementations on a Soft PLC

Song Yao - Tsinghua University
ICCAD 2013
    Title of Submission: Hierarchical Simulation and Optimization of 3D Power Delivery Network

Tyler Sorensen University of Utah
ICS 2013
    Title of Submission: Towards Shared Memory Consistency Models for GPUs

Yi Lu - New York University
CGO 2014
    Title of Submission: Unleashing the Power of General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit

2014 Grand Finals Judges

Adithya Pal - IBM
Ajay Mahimkar - AT&T
Akila Gothandaraman - University of Pittsburgh
Antonia Collis - The University of Edinburgh, UK
Barbara Owens - TDS
Boyana Norris - University of Oregon
Brent Hailpern - IBM Research
Christoph Bockisch - University of Twente
Cindy Hood - Illinois Institute of Technology
Davide Di Ruscio - Universita degli Studi Dell'Aquila
Debra Burhans - Canisius College
Donal Fitzpatrick - Dublin City University
Douglas Baldwin - SUNY Geneseo
Erik Altman - IBM
Gabriele Jost - Supersmith
Hamid Pirahesh -  IBM Almaden Research Center
Hidehiko Masuhara - Tokyo Insitute of Technology
Jack Davidson - University of Virginia
James Kiper - Miami University, Ohio
Jeffrey Nichols - IBM Almaden Research Center
Joan Krone -  Denison University
Joseph A. Konstan - University of Minnesota
Judith Bishop - Microsoft Research
Kaoutar ElMaghraoui - IBM 
Kelly Shaw - University of Richmond
Kevin Almeroth - UC Santa Barbara
Laurie Williams - North Carolina State University
Lawrence D'Antonio - Ramapo College
Lei Ye - University of Arizona
Liang Gou - IBM Almaden Research Center
Maja Vukovic - IBM Research
Marc Olano - University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Maria Gini -  University of Minnesota
Mirela Damian -  Villanova University
Miroslav Velev - Aries Design Automation 
Natasa Miskov-Zivanov -  Carnegie Mellon University
Neil Spring - University of Maryland
Pam Cutter - Kalamazoo College
Prasenjit Sarkar - IBM
Raja Kushalnagar - Rochester Institute of Technology
Ramon Canal - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya 
Renee Bryce - Utah State University
Srinivas Katkoori - University of South Floria
Stephanie Ludi - Rochester Institute of Technology
Susan Wang - Mills College
Tao Xie - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Thomas Zimmerman - Microsoft Research
Todd Gamblin -  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
William Brinkman - Miami University, Ohio
Wenye Wang - North Carolina State University
Xiaoming Li - University of Delaware
Yao-wen Chang - National Taiwan University

Students can gain many tangible and intangible rewards from participating in one of ACM’s Student Research Competitions. The ACM Student Research Competition is an internationally recognized venue enabling undergraduate and graduate students to earn:

  • Awards: cash prizes, medals, and ACM student memberships
  • Prestige: Grand Finalists receive a monetary award and a Grand Finalist certificate that can be framed and displayed 
  • Visibility: opportunities to meet with researchers in their field of interest and make important connections
  • Experience: opportunities to sharpen communication, visual, organizational, and presentation skills in preparation for the SRC experience

2017 Student Research Competition Grand Finals Winners

Kazem Cheshmi, Omid Abari, Calvin Loncaric, Victor Lanvin, Jennifer Vaccaro and Martin Kellogg were the 2017 Grand Finals winners of ACM’s Student Research Competition. The SRC Grand Finals are the culmination of a year-long competition that involved more than 339 computer science students presenting research projects at 24 major ACM conferences.

2017 ACM SRC Grand Finals Winners Announced

Kazem Cheshmi, Omid Abari, Calvin Loncaric, Victor Lanvin, Jennifer Vaccaro and Martin Kellogg were the 2017 Grand Finals winners of ACM’s Student Research Competition. The SRC Grand Finals are the culmination of a year-long competition that involved more than 339 computer science students presenting research projects at 24 major ACM conferences.
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