ACM SRC Grand Finals Candidates, 2017 - 2018


Ladislav Maršík   Charles University
SAC 2017
   Title of Submission: Using Chord Distance Descriptors to Enhance Music Information Retrieval

Sabirat Rubya   University of Minnesota
CHI 2017
   Title of Submission: Facilitating Peer Support for Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

Michael Coblenz   Carnegie Mellon University
ICSE 2017
   Title of Submission: Obsidian: A Safer Blockchain Programming Language

Yixue Zhao   University of Southern California
MobileSoft 17
   Title of Submission: Reducing Latency in Mobile Apps via Program Analysis

Robert Lyerly   Virginia Tech
PLDI 2017
   Title of Submission: Seamlessly Crossing ISA Boundaries for Performance and Security

Chloe LeGendre   University
GRAPH 2017
   Title of Submission: Improved Chromakey of Hair Strands via Orientation Filter Convolution

Allegra Smith   Purdue University
   Title of Submission: “Can You Hear Me Now?”: Revaluing Listening’s Role in User Research Practice

Henri Maxime Demoulin   University of Pennsylvania
   Title of Submission: DeDoS: An Automated Serverless Platform for DoS Detection and Mitigation

Chris Mills   Florida State University
FSE 2017
   Title of Submission: Automating Traceability Link Maintenance via Machine Learning Classification

Raghavendra Pradyumna Pothukuchi   University of Illinois
PACT 2017
   Title of Submission: Multilayer Compute Resource Management with Robust Control Theory

Laleh Ghalami   Wayne State University
TAPIA 2017
   Title of Submission: A Parallel Approximation Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Identical Machines

Parishad Karimi   Rutgers University
Grace Hopper 2017
   Title of Submission: SMART: A Distributed Architecture for Dynamic Spectrum Management

Andreas Soleiman   Uppsala University
MobiCom 2017
   Title of Submission: Battery-free Visible Light Sensing

David Leopoldseder   Johannes Kepler University
   Title of Submission: Simulation-based Code Duplication for Enhancing Compiler Optimizations

Jon Gjengset   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SOSP 2017
   Title of Submission: Xylem: dynamic, partially-stateful data-flow for high-performance Web applications

Ahmed Mahmood   Purdue University
   Title of Submission: Scalable Query Processing In Spatio-Textual Data Management Systems

Daniel George   University of Illinois
SC 2017
   Title of Submission: Deep Learning for Time-series Signal Processing for Real-time Gravitational Wave Detection and Parameter Estimation: Results with Real LIGO Data

Meng Li   University of Texas, Austin
ICCAD 2017
   Title of Submission: A Synergistic Framework for Hardware IP Privacy and Integirty Protection

Youyou Cong   Ochanomizu University
POPL 2018
   Title of Submission: Combining Control Operators and Dependent Types

Ayaan M. Kazerouni   Virginia Tech
   Title of Submission: Quantifying the Programming Process to Help Teach Incremental Development

Josef Eisl   Institute for System Software, Johannes Kepler University Linz
CGO 2018
   Title of Submission: Divide and Allocate: The Trace Register Allocation Framework



Sarah Lim   Northwestern University
CHI 2017
   Title of Submission: Visual Web Inspection for Complex Professional Examples

Peilun Zhang   University of Colorado, Boulder
PDLI 2017
   Title of Submission: Property-based Randomized Test Generation for Android Applications

Tiancheng Sun   UC San Diego
GRAPH 2017
   Title of Submission: Attribute-preserving gamut mapping of measured BRDFs

Jenny Yao   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   Title of Submission: Creating Better-Informed Consumers and Reducing Dark Pattern Tendencies Through Improved Terms of Service Solutions

Ayush Kohli   S. Illinois University
FSE 2017
   Title of Submission: DecisionDroid: A Supervised Learning-Based System to Identify Cloned Android Applications

Arjun Balasingam   Stanford University
Mobicom 2017
   Title of Submission: Broadcast LTE Data Reveals Application Type

Haowen Lin   University of Southern California
   Title of Submission: Automatic Extraction of Phrase-Level Map Labels from Historical Maps

Peter Z. Harrington   University of California, Santa Cruz
SC 2017
   Title of Submission: Diagnosing Parallel I/O Bottlenecks in HPC Applications

Xinfeng Xie  Peking University
ICCAD 2017
   Title of Submission: Optimizing GPU Shared Memory Allocation in Automated C-to-CUDA Compilation

Blaine Billings   College of Charleston
   Title of Submission: Modelling Correct Operation of Webcams for Security Purposes

Patrick Thier   Institut fur Computersprachen Technische Universitat Wien
CGO 2018
   Title of Submission: Fast and Flexible Instruction Selection with Constraints

2018 Grand Finals Judges

​Dr. Laurie Williams - N.C. State University
Douglas Baldwin - SUNY Geneseo
Dr. Evelyne Viegas - Microsoft
A.Mani - Calcutta University
Aarathi Prasad - Skidmore College
Aderonke Thompson - Federal University of Technology
Adrienne Decker - Rochester Inst of Technology
Arnon Sturm - Ben-Gurion University
Bernd Mohr - Juelich Supercomputing Center
Bo Brinkman - Google
Boyana Norris - University of Oregon
Brent Hailpern - IBM Research
Chris Gniady - University of Arizona
Christoph Bockisch - Philipps-Universitat Marburg 
Cindy Hood - Illinois Institute of Technology
Craig Barnes - HERE
David Lo - Singapore Management University
Davide DiRuscio - Università degli Studi dell'Aquila
Dimitrios Koutsonikolas - University at Buffalo
Dr.(Mrs) O.E. Oyinloye - Ekiti State University
Erik Altman - IBM 
Fumso Alowolodu - Federal University of Technology
Gokcen Kestor - Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
Guojie Luo - Peking University 
Gustavo Soares - Federdal University of Campina Grande
Hai Ah Nam - Los Alamos National Lab. 
Hamid Pirahesh - IBM
Hossein Shariar - Kennesaw State University
Hui Xu - Cadence Design Systems
Jeff Lait - Side Effects Software Inc.
Jennifer Sartor - Ghent University
Jinadu Olayinka - Rufus Giwa Polytechnic
Joan Krone - Denison University
Kelly Shaw - University of Richmond
Kim Herzig - Microsoft
Larissa Dos Santos Romualdo - University College London
Lawrence D'Antonio - Ramapo College
Lei Ye - University of Arizona
Liang Gou - VISA Research
Lizbeth Escobedo - Universidad Autonoma de Baja California
Marc Olano - University of Maryland, Baltimore
Mark Elendt - Side Effects Software Inc. 
Martina Maggio - Lund University
Martina Seidl - Johannes Kepler University Linz
Melina Mongiovi - Federdal University of Campina Grande
Miroslav Velev - Aries Design Automation
Moustafa Youssef - Egypt-Japan University  of Science and Technology
Natasa Miskov-Zivanov - University of Pittsburgh
Paolo Bellavista - University of Bologna, Italy
Ramon Canal - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Sally Wahba - NetApp
Sara Sprenkle - Washington and Lee University
Srinivas Katkoori - University of South Florida
Stephanie Ludi - University of North Texas
Stephanie Vie - University of Central Florida
Thorna Humphries - Norfolk State University
Tobias Pape - University of Potsdam
Vijayalakshmi Saravanan - University at Buffalo
Yong Cho - NetApp
Xia Zhu - Intel
Zhaojun Yang - Facebook

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