ACM SRC Grand Finals Candidates, 2018 - 2019


Aaron Weiss    Northwestern University
POPL 2019
   Title of Submission: Monty PL and the Holy Grail

Chloe Alverti    National Technical University of Athens, Greece
PACT 2018
   Title of Submission: Speculative Offset Address Translation

Christie Alappat    University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
SC 2018
   Title of Submission: RACE - Recursive Algebraic Coloring Engine

Daniel DeFreez    University of California, Davis
FSE 2018
   Title of Submission: Mining Error-Handling Specifications for Systems Software

David Schlais    University of Wisconsin-Madison
   Title of Submission: Configurable Tightly-Coupled FPGA-style fabric for Fine-Grained Acceleration

Gengjie Chen    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
ICCAD 2018
   Title of Submission: VLSI Routing: Seeing Nano Tree in Giga Forest

Gemma Catolino    University of Salerno
MobileSoft 2018
   Title of Submission: Does Source Code Quality Reflect the Ratings of Apps?

Jay Lim    Rutgers University
PLDI 2018
   Title of Submission: Automatic Verification of Assembly Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms

Louai Alarabi    University of Minnesota
   Title of Submission: Summit: A Scalable System for Massive Trajectory Data Management

Matthias Springer    Tokyo Institute of Technology
   Title of Submission: DynaSOAr: Accelerating Single-Method Multiple-Objects Applications on GPUs∗

Michael Arntznenius    University of Birmingham
ICFP 2018
   Title of Submission: Type inference for monotonicity

Muhammad Ali Gulzar    University of California, Los Angeles
ICSE 2018
   Title of Submission: Interactive and Automated Debugging for Big Data Analytics

Niveditha Kalavakonda    University of Washington
Grace Hopper 2018
   Title of Submission: Robotic and Neurosurgical Instrument Segmentation for Development of Intelligent Surgical Assistant

Parikshit Maini    IIIT Delhi
SAC 2018
   Title of Submission: Planning and Coordination for Air-Ground Robots in Persistent Monitoring Applications with Visibility Constraints

Scott Kolodziej    Texas A&M University
   Title of Submission: Empirical Assessment of Software Documentation Strategies: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Suraj Jog    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
   Title of Submission: Many-to-Many Beam Alignment in MillimeterWave Networks

Tanya Bafna    Technical University of Denmark
   Title of Submission: Gaze Typing using Multi-key Selection Technique



Asher Trockman    University of Evansville
ICSE 2018
   Title of Submission: Adding Sparkle to Social Coding: An Empirical Study of Repository Badges in the npm Ecosystem

Brandon Neth    University of Arizona
CGO 2019
   Title of Submission: Automatic Parallelization of Irregularx86-64 Loops

David Tomassi    Universityof California, Davis
FSE 2018
   Title of Submission: Bugs in the Wild: Examining the Effectiveness of Static Analyzers at Finding Real-World Bugs

Elizaveta Tremsina    University of California, Berkeley
TAPIA 2018
   Title of Submission: Your Story Recorded in a Magnet: Micromagnetic Simulations of Spin-Orbit Torque in Multi-layer Structures

Fandel Lin    National Cheng Kung University
   Title of Submission: An Intelligent and Interactive Route Planning Maker for Deploying New Transportation Services

Justin Lubin    University of Chicago
   Title of Submission: Approximating Polymorphic Effects with Capabilities

Katie Lim    Princeton University
   Title of Submission: Building a Heterogeneous ISA Research Platform Using the OpenPiton Framework∗

Natalie Friedman    Cornell University
   Title of Submission: Using Telepresence Robot to Improve Self-Efficacy of People with Developmental Disabilities

Rong Pan    University
PLDI 2018
   Title of Submission: Solving Program Sketches with Large Integer Values

Sarah Almeda    The College of New Jersey
   Title of Submission: Accessible American Sign Language Recognition with the Leap Motion Controller

Valerie Chen    Yale University
Grace Hopper 2018
   Title of Submission: Secure Computation for Machine Learning With SPDZ

Yixuan Chen    University of Michigan
POPL 2019
   Title of Submission: Verification of a Cache-optimized Data Structure

Zhuangzhuang Zhou    Shanghia Jiao Tong University
ICCAD 2018
   Title of Submission: DALS: Delay-driven Approximate Logic Synthesis

Zili Meng    Tshinghua University
   Title of Submission: Pam: When Overloaded, Push Your Neighbor Aside!


2019 Grand Finals Judges

​Dr. Laurie Williams - N.C. State University
Douglas Baldwin - SUNY Geneseo
Dr. Evelyne Viegas - Microsoft
Aderonke Thompson - Federal University of Technology
Arnon Sturm - Ben-Gurion University
Aromeh Junior Gabriel - Ben-Gurion University
Balaji Ganesan - IBM
Bernd Mohr - Juelich Supercomputing Center
Bo Brinkman - Google
Brent Hailpern - IBM Research
Chris Gniady - University of Arizona
Christoph Bockisch - Philipps-Universitat Marburg 
David Lo - Singapore Management University
Davide DiRuscio - Università degli Studi dell'Aquila
Erik Altman - IBM 
Erika Varis Dogget - The Walt Disney Company 
Fumso Alowolodu - Federal University of Technology
Gennady Pekhimenko - Carnegie Mellon University
Giridhar Mandyam - Qualcomm Innovation Center
Gustavo Soares - Federdal University of Campina Grande
Hai Ah Nam - Los Alamos National Lab. 
Haipeng Cai - Washington State University
Hamid Pirahesh - IBM
Jeff Lait - Side Effects Software Inc.
Jennifer Sartor - Ghent University
Jessica Young Schmidt North Carolina State University
Joan Krone - Denison University
Jun Sun - Singapore Management University
Larissa Dos Santos Romualdo - University College London
Lei Ye - University of Arizona
Lizbeth Escobedo -  CETYS Universidad
Mani A - International Rough Set Society
Marc Olano - University of Maryland, Baltimore
Mark Elendt - Side Effects Software Inc. 
Mercan Topkara - JW Player
Miroslav Velev - Aries Design Automation
Mona Lisa Pickney - Nike, Inc.
Moustafa Youssef - Alexandria University, Egypt
Natasa Miskov-Zivanov - University of Pittsburgh
Navendu Jain - Microsoft
Niki Vazou - University of California, San Diego
Olayinka Jinadu - Rufus Giwa Polytechnic
Olga Baysal - Carleton University
Otasowie Iyare - Federal University of Technology
Paolo Bellavista - University of Bologna, Italy
Ramon Canal - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Ren-Shuo Liu - National Tsing Hua University
Sally Wahba - NetApp
Stephan Krusche - Technical Universit of Munich
Stephanie Ludi - University of North Texas
Tobias Pape - University of Potsdam
Vijayalakshmi Saravanan - University at Buffalo
Zhaojun Yang - Facebook, Inc.

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