ACM SRC Grand Finals Candidates, 2019 - 2020


Akhil Dixit    University of California, Santa Cruz 
   Title of Submission: CAvSAT: A System for Query Answering over Inconsistent Databases

Ari Rasch    University of Muenster 
CGO 2020
   Title of Submission: md_poly: A Performance-Portable Polyhedral Compiler Based on Multi-Dimensional Homomorphisms

Birthe van den Berg    KU Leuven 
ICFP 2019
   Title of Submission: Type Inference for Disjoint Intersection Types

Hajar Homayouni    Colorado State University 
TAPIA 2019
   Title of Submission: ADQTest: An AI-based Data Quality Test Approach

Hasindu Gamaarachchi    University of New South Wales 
   Title of Submission:  Real-time, portable and lightweight Nanopore DNA sequence analysis using System-on-Chip

James C. Davis    Virginia Tech 
   Title of Submission: On the Impact and Defeat of Regex DoS

Jinwoo Kim    University of Wisconsin-Madison 
POPL 2019
   Title of Submission: Proving Unrealizability for Imperative Syntax-Guided Synthesis Problems

Maarten P. Sijm    TU Delft 
   Title of Submission: Incremental Scannerless Generalized LR Parsing

Martin Kellogg    University of Washington 
ASE 2019
   Title of Submission: Compile-time detection of machine image sniping

Nupoor Ranade    North Carolina State University 
   Title of Submission: Conditional Usability Testing for UX Optimization

Peter Li    Massachussetts Institute of Technology 
MICRO 2019
   Title of Submission:  A Mutual Information Accelerator for Autonomous Robot Exploration

Sai Ganesh Subramanian    Texas A&M University 
   Title of Submission: Interactive Cinematic Scientific Visualization in Unity

Stefan Hillmich    Johannes Kepler University 
ICCAD 2019
   Title of Submission: Decision Diagrams for Quantum Computing

Tinghun Chen    Columbia University 
   Title of Submission: Enabling Wideband full-duplex wireless via frequency-Domain Equalization

Vinitha Gadiraju    University of Colorado, Boulder 
   Title of Submission: BrailleBlocks: Braille Toys for Cross-Ability Collaboration




Alexander Zlokapa    California Institute of Technology 
SC 2019
   Title of Submission: A Deep Learning Approach to Noise Prediction and Circuit Optimization for Near-term Quantum Devices

Alexandra Ballow    Youngstown State University 
TAPIA 2019
   Title of Submission: Handling Missing Values in Joint Sequence Analysis

Ana Luisa Solorzano    Universidade Federal de Santa Maria 
Grace Hopper 2019
   Title of Submission: Handling Missing Values in Joint Sequence Analysis

Jesse Michel    Massachussetts Instiute of Techology 
PLDI 2019
   Title of Submission: Automatic Noised-Based Sensitivity Analysis of Programs

Lia Yeh    University of California,Santa Barbara 
MICRO 2019
   Title of Submission:  Benchmarking ZX-Calculus Circuit Optimization Against Qiskit Transpilation

Luis Gerhorst    Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Naumberg(FAU) 
SOSP 2019
   Title of Submission: EnergyTimers: Integrating Physical Energy Measurement Devices into OS Kernels

Milind Srivastava    Indian Institute of Technology Madras 
ICCAD 2019
   Title of Submission: Sauron- An Automated Framework for Detecting Fault Attack Vulnerabilities in Hardware

Murad Akhundov    University of Toronto 
POPL 2020
   Title of Submission:  Expediting Verification of Assertions in Loops by Isolation

Nathan Brown    University of Michigan 
CGO 2020
   Title of Submission: Profile-Guided Instruction Prefetching to Reduce Front-End Stalls of Datacenter Applications

Nicholas Hennigan    University of Milwaukeea 
   Title of Submission: Optimizing Design Thinking: Theatrical Improv’s Affect on Creativity Within Groups

Ocean Hurd    University of California, Santa Cruz 
   Title of Submission: Insights for More Usable Virtual Reality Games for People with Ambylopiae

Samuel Estep    Liberty University 
   Title of Submission: Gradual Program Analysis

Samantha Frohlich    University of Bristol 
ICFP 2019
   Title of Submission: Warm Fuzzy Things- A DSL for Hypertexture

Shengcheng Yu    Nangjing University 
ASE 2019
   Title of Submission: Crowdsourced Report Generation via Bug Screenshot Understanding

Varun Jain    Harvard University 
   Title of Submission: LSM-Trees and B-Trees: The Best of Both

Zhaowei Xi    Tsinghua University 
   Title of Submission: High-performance Flexible Packet Generator Using Programmable Switching ASIC


2020 Grand Finals Judges

Dr. Laurie Williams - N.C. State University
Douglas Baldwin - SUNY Geneseo
Dr. Evelyne Viegas - Microsoft
A. Mani - HBCSE, TIFR; International Rough Set Society
Arjun Radhakrishna - Microsoft
Aderonke Thompson - Federal University of Technology
Arnon Sturm - Ben-Gurion University
Bei Yu - The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bernd Mohr - Juelich Supercomputing Center
Bo Brinkman - Google
Cameron White - Side Effects Software
Cassandra Branham - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Chris Gniady - University of Arizona
Cindy Hood - Illinois Institute of Technology 
Clayton Benjamin -  University of California, Davis 
David Lo - Singapore Management University
Erik Altman - IBM 
Foad Hamidi - UMBC
Gennady Pekhimenko - Carnegie Mellon University
Hai Ah Nam - Los Alamos National Lab. 
Haipeng Cai - Washington State University
Jeff Lait - Side Effects Software Inc.
Jennifer Sartor - Ghent University
Jiangchun Liu Simon Fraser University
Jinadu Olayinka  Rufus Giwa Polytechnic
Joan Krone - Denison University
Junbeom Yoo - Konkuk University University
Kyle Chard - University of Chicago
Lizbeth Escobedo - ;CETYS Universidad
Lu Xiao - ;Stevens Institute of Technology
Marc Olano - University of Maryland, Baltimore
Melina Mongiovi - Federal University of Campina Grande 
Miroslav Velev - Aries Design Automation
Moustafa Youssef - Alexandria University, Egypt
Navendu Jain - Microsoft
Olayinka Jinadu - Rufus Giwa Polytechnic
Olga Baysal - Carleton University
Otasowie Owolafe - Federal University of Technology
Paolo Bellavista - University of Bologna, Italy
Renato Mancuso - Universitat Boston University
Ren-Shuo Liu - National Tsing Hua University
Robin Brewer- - University of Michigan
Srinivas Katkoori - University of South Florida
Stephanie Ludi - University of North Texas
Theodoros Chondrogiannis - University of Konstanz
Thorna Humphries - Norfolk State University
Timofey Bryskin - JetBrains Researchs
Tobias Pape - University of Potsdam
Vaishnavi Ranganathan - Microsoft
Vijayalakshmi Saravanan - University at Buffalo

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