ACM SRC Grand Finals Candidates, 2016 - 2017


Anne Edmundson  Princeton University
   Title of Submission: A First Look into Transnational Routing Detours

Arik Hadas  Open University of Israel
Modularity 2016
   Title of Submission: Language Oriented Modularity: A Practical Approach

Ashwin Shashidharan  North Carolina State University
   Title of Submission: Computational Steering for Geosimulations

Calvin Loncaric  University of Washington
FSE 2016
   Title of Submission: Cozy: Synthesizing Collection Data Structures

Daniel Welch  Clemson University
   Title of Submission: Scaling Up Automated Verification: A Case Study and A Formalization IDE for Building High Integrity Software

Elston Steele  Trident University International
MIS/CPR 2016
   Title of Submission: Investigating the Role of Top Management Support between Institutional Pressures and Cloud Implementation Success

Gábor Szárnyas  Budapest University
   Title of Submission: Scalable Graph Query Evaluation and Benchmarking with Realistic Models

Henrik Barthels  RWTH Aachen University
   Title of Submission: Linnea: A Compiler for Linear Algebra Operations

Kazem Chesmi  Rutgers University
CGO 2017
   Title of Submission: Decoupling Symbolic from Numeric in Sparse Matrix Computations

Lisa Nguyen Quang Do  Fraunhofer IEM
PLDI 2016
   Title of Submission: User-Centric Static Analysis

MHD Yemen Saraiji  Keio University
   Title of Submission: Layered Telespresence:Simultaneous Mutli Presence using Eye Gaze based Perpetual Awareness Blending

Omid Abari  MIT
MobiCom 2016
   Title of Submission: Cutting the Cord in Virtual Reality

Roman Kaplan  Technion
PACT 2016
   Title of Submission: From Near-Data Processing to In-Data Processing-in-Storage

Rosemary Koikara  Kyungpook National University, South Korea
SAC 2016
   Title of Submission: SAC: G: 3-D Cellular Automata based PRNG

Rubens E.A. Moreira  UFMG, Brazil
CGO 2016
   Title of Submission: Inference of Peak Density of Indirect Branches to Detect ROP Attacks

Setareh Ariafar  Northeastern University
Grace Hopper 2016
   Title of Submission: Network-SVM: Support Vector Machine for Network Data

Sourav Chakraborty  Ohio State University
SC 2016
   Title of Submission: Job Startup at Exascale: Challenges and Solutions

William Bowman  Northeastern University
POPL 2017
   Title of Submission: Toward Type-Preserving Compilation of Coq

Xiaoqing Xu   University of Texas at Austin
ICCAD 2016
   Title of Submission: Toward Unidirectional Routing Closure in Advanced Technology Nodes



Clarissa Bruno Tuxen  Emory University
Grace Hopper 2016
   Title of Submission: Scaling in Socially Driven Computer Networks

Jennifer Vaccaro  Olin College of Engineering
ICCAD 2016
   Title of Submission: Applying Computer Modeling to Post-Silicon Validation

Jessica Cherayil  Wellesley College
   Title of Submission: PIXELDUST: Supporting Dynamic Area of Interest Tagging in Programming Studies with Eye Tracking

Joshua Buck  University of Dayton
   Title of Submission: Mixed-initiative Personal Assistant Agents

Martin Kellogg  University of Washington
FSE 2016
   Title of Submission: Combining Bug Detection and Test Case Generation

Mirko Gelsomini  Politecnico di Milano
   Title of Submission: An Affordable Wearable Immersive Virtual Reality Framework for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Nathaniel Stone  University of South Carolina
MobiCom 2016
   Title of Submission: Assessing Header Impacts in Soccer with Smartball

Shoichi Furukawa  Waseda University
   Title of Submission: Video Reshuffling: Automatic Video Dubbing without Prior Knowledge

Vasu Jindal  University of Texas at Dallas
MobileSoft 2016
   Title of Submission: A Deep Learning Framework to Monitor Heart Rate During Intensive Physical Exercise

Victor Lanvin  ENS Paris Saclay
POPL 2017
   Title of Submission: Gradual Set-Theoretic Types

William Agnew  Georgia Institute of Technology
SC 2016
   Title of Submission: Touring Dataland? Automated Recommendations for the Big Data Traveler

2017 Grand Finals Judges

​Akila Gothandaraman - University of  Pittsburgh
Arnon Sturm - Ben-Gurion University
Bernd Mohd - Juelich Supercomputing Center 
Bo Brinkman - Miami University Ohio
Boyana Norris - University of Oregon
Brent Hailpern - IBM Research
Chris Gniady - University of Arizona
Christoph Bockisch - Philipps-Universitat Marburg 
Craig Barnes - HERE
David Lo - Singapore Management University
Davide DiRuscio - Università degli Studi dell'Aquila
Donal Fitzpatrick - Dublin City University
Erik Altman - IBM 
Gustavo Soares - Federal Univ. of Campina Grande
Hamid Pirahesh - IBM
Hossein Shariar - Kennesaw State University
Jeff Lait - Side Effects Software Inc.
Jim Kiper - Miami University, Ohio
Joan Krone - Denison University
Joel Greenyer - Leibniz Universitat Hannover
Kelly Shaw - University of Richmond
Lawrence D'Antonio - Ramapo College
Lei Ye - University of Arizona
Liang Gou - VISA Research
Maja Vukovic - IBM Research
Marc Olano - University of Maryland, Baltimore
Mark Elendt - Side Effects Software Inc. 
Maria Gini - Univeristy Side Effects Software Inc. 
Martina Seidl - Johannes Kepler University Linz
Michela Taufer - University of Delaware
Miroslav Velev - Aries Design Automation
Moustafa Youssef - Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology
Natasa Miskov-Zivanov - University of Pittsburgh
Navendu Jain - Microsoft Research
Paolo Bellavista - University of Bologna, Italy
Rajeev Balasubramonian - University of Utah
Ramon Canal - UPC
Sara Sprenkle - Washington and Lee University
Spiros Antonatos - IBM Ireland Research Lab
Srinivas Katkoori - University of South Florida
Stephanie Ludi - University of North Texas
Stephanie Vie - University of Central Florida
Tamy Boubekeur - Telecom Paris Tech
Tobias Paper - University of Potsdam
Umit Ogras - Arizona State University
Wenye Wang - NC State University
Young-Woo Kwon - Utah State University

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