ACM SRC Grand Finals Candidates, 2014 - 2015


Steven Te Brinke - University of Twente, Netherlands
SAC 2015
    Title of Submission: Interpreting Energy Profiles with CEGAR 

Daco Harkes - Delft Techcnial University
AOSD 2014
    Title of Submission: Relations in Role-Based Data Modeling, Navigation and Updates

Emma ToschUniversity of Massachusetts
PLDI 2014​
    Title of Submission: Programming and Debugging Surveys

John RulaNorthwestern University
    Title of Submission: Behind the Curtain: The importance of replica selection in next generation cellular networks

Tomas PetricekUniversity of Cambridge
ICFP 2014
    Title of Submission: F# Data:Accessing structured data made easy

Omid AbariMIT
MobiCom 2014
    Title of Submission: Distributed Coherent Transmission Made Seamless

Jonathan CorleyThe University of Alabama
    Title of Submission: Exploring Omniscient Debugging for Model Transformations

Snigdha ChaturvediUniversity of Maryland
Grace Hopper 2014
    Title of Submission: Predicting Instructor’s Intervention in MOOC forums

Martin VelezUniversity of California, Davis
    Title of Submission: On the Lexical Distinguishability of Source Code

Shupeng Sun - Carnegie Mellon University
ICCAD 2014
    Title of Submission: Fast Statistical Analysis of Rare Circuit Failure Events in High-Dimensional Variation Space

Lu XiaoDrexel University
FSE 2014
    Title of Submission: Detecting and Preventing the Architectural Roots of Bugs

Amanda BienzUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
SC 2014
    Title of Submission: Reducing Communication Costs Associated with Parallel Algebraic Multigrid

Ezgi Cicek - Max Planck Institut
POPL 2015
    Title of Submission: Refinement Types for Incremental Computational Complexity

William OgilvieUniversity of Edinburgh
CGO 2015
    Title of Submission: Intelligent Heuristic Construction with Active Learning

David Weintrop - Northwestern University
    Title of Submission: Minding the Gap Between Blocks-Based and Text-Based Programming



Kyoungwon Seo - Hanyang University
CHI 2014 
    Title of Submission: Autonomy-based Rehabilitation Design: Balancing Capability and Complexity

Alejandro InfanteUniversity of Chile
ICSE 2014
    Title of Submission: Identifiying caching opportunities by revisiting Object Equality Profiling

Matthew Loring Cornell University
PLDI 2014 
    Title of Submission: Generics in Jif

Serguei MakarovUniversity of Toronto
PACT 2014 
    Title of Submission: An Event-Based Language for Dynamic Binary Translation Frameworks

Shannon N. LubetichPomona College
Grace Hopper 2014
    Title of Submission: Eve Eat Dust Mop: Measuring Syntactic Development in Child Language with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Mitchell GordonUniversity of Rochester
    Title of Submission: Web Accessibility Evaluation with the Crowd:Rapidly Coding User Testing Video

Shuo SongNanjing University
FSE 2014
    Title of Submission: Estimating the Effectiveness of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization

Tharindu RusiraUniversity of Moratuwa
CGO 2015
    Title of Submission: Auto-tuning the HotSpot JVM

Thomas EfflandSUNY University of Buffalo
SICCSE 2015 
    Title of Submission: Focused Retrieval of University Course Descriptions from Highly Variable Sources

2015 Grand Finals Judges

Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis - IBM Dublin Research Lab
Bernd Mohr - Juelich Supercomputing Center
Boyana Norris - University of Oregon
Brent Hailpern - IBM Research
Chris Gniady - University of Arizona
Cindy Hood - Illinois Institute of Technology
Craig Barnes - HERE Chicago
Dave Choffnes - Northeastern University
Davide Di Ruscio - Universita degli Studi Dell'Aquila
Douglas Baldwin - SUNY Geneseo
Douglas Fuller - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Eleni Kostis - GSFC/NASA 
Elizabeth Hawthorne - Union County College
Erik Altman - IBM
Gabriele Jost - Intel
Hisham Haddad - Kennesaw State University
Jack Davidson -  University of Virginia
Jeff Lait - Side Effects Software Inc.
Jennifer Sartor - Ghent University
Joan Krone - Denison University
Joseph A. Konstan - University of Minnesota
Kathleen McCoy - University of Delaware 
Kelly Shaw - University of Richmond
Kenny Mitchell - Disney Research
Laurie Williams - North Carolina State University
Lawrence D'Antonio - Ramapo College
Lei Ye - University of Arizona
Liang Gou - IBM Almaden Research Center
Marc Olano - University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Maria Gini - University of Minnesota
Mark Elendt - Side Effects Software Inc.
Meng Wang - Chalmers University of Tech.
Miroslav Velev - Aries Design Automation
Neil Spring - University of Maryland
Paul Bogdan - University of Southern California
Peter Santhanam - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Pralhad Deshpande - IBM Research
Raja Kushalnagar - Rochester Institute of Technology
Rajeev Gupta - IBM Research
Ramon Canal - UPC
Sara Sprenkle -  Washington and Lee University
Shuai Hao - AT&T Research
Simon Harper - University of Manchester
Stefanie Tomko - Microsoft Corporation
Stepanie Ludi - Rochester Institute of Technology
Susan Wang - Mills College
Suzanne Rivoire - Sonoma State University
Todd Gamblin - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Students can gain many tangible and intangible rewards from participating in one of ACM’s Student Research Competitions. The ACM Student Research Competition is an internationally recognized venue enabling undergraduate and graduate students to earn:

  • Awards: cash prizes, medals, and ACM student memberships
  • Prestige: Grand Finalists receive a monetary award and a Grand Finalist certificate that can be framed and displayed 
  • Visibility: opportunities to meet with researchers in their field of interest and make important connections
  • Experience: opportunities to sharpen communication, visual, organizational, and presentation skills in preparation for the SRC experience

2017 Student Research Competition Grand Finals Winners

Kazem Cheshmi, Omid Abari, Calvin Loncaric, Victor Lanvin, Jennifer Vaccaro and Martin Kellogg were the 2017 Grand Finals winners of ACM’s Student Research Competition. The SRC Grand Finals are the culmination of a year-long competition that involved more than 339 computer science students presenting research projects at 24 major ACM conferences.

ASSETS’16 SRC Deadline 24 June 2016

About two weeks left until the deadline for ASSETS’16 SRC!

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student working on accessible computing or assistive technologies, we invite you to submit a two-page contribution to the ASSETS 2016 Student Research Competition (SRC).

This year's ASSETS conference is taking place in Reno, Nevada, USA from October 24th to 26th, 2016.

Submission deadline for the SRC is 24 June 2016.  

Interested? Check further information

ASSETS'16 SRC at this year's ASSETS conference in Reno, Nevada